5 Bizarre Trends Millennials Have Made Into A Thing

I’ve talked about being a millennial many times on this site, and as time passes, I (sadly) haven’t seen much change in the way we think, speak or do anything. While reflecting on what common things millennials share, I started comparing differences between previous generations and common trends. There are a lot of thoughts to be had about being a millennial, and I know I’m not the only one who shares them. Here is my list of six random thoughts I have about millennials that I’ve picked up over the years:

  1. “Let’s make a podcast” is the new version of “let’s start a band.”

When we were kids it was the coolest thing to make a band with your friends and hope to make it big one day; especially if you actually had talented musicians to play with. Now everyone just wants to talk and be civil instead of throwing things around in a local dive bar for money.

2. Why is being a feminist considered so trendy?

It’s great that we want to empower women and be unapologetic in our fight, but why does it seem like people are only joining the bandwagon because it’s a hot topic? It’s as if women are only vocalizing themselves to seem with the in-crowd even if they don’t share the same passionate beliefs.

3. Liking an Instagram picture is a modern day version of a mating call.

Back in the day people would actually initiate sexual activity in person or would wait until they were in love to solidify that desired emotion for one another. Now, all millennials have to do is double tap a picture to show they want to double tap the person.

4. Why do our bank accounts reflect our worth as a person?

We already know we are young, inexperienced, and broke. But why do we have to emphasize how much or how little we make, and how much money someone has in order to be identified as lovable or successful? We’re just starting our journey, give us all a break.

5. Wedding vows will consist of “through thicc and thin.”

People these days don’t know how to work hard at a relationship and actually endure struggles as a team. There’s no true “couple” mentality; just two individuals who love each other but live seemingly separately. They’re so focused on egotistical and materialistic things such as good looks.

I know some of these may not be relatable to every individual who falls in our age range. But surely someone else agrees that some of these need to change or wishes they weren’t a thing. Or maybe you find yourself guilty of some of these too? They are quite common!

Comment below to mention one thing you don’t understand or have noticed about being a millennial.

Photo by Elijah O’Donell on Unsplash


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