Journalist Reminds Twitter How Much Of A Monster Ted Bundy Truly Was

Ted Bundy. A name that we all know, and we’ve all at least heard of, especially right now as the Netflix docu-series “The Bundy Tapes” seems to be the talk of the town. We know who that creature is, we know what that monster’s done (vaguely), and we know THANKFULLY how that all turned out. I refuse to acknowledge that something so vile should be referred to as a human. I refuse to acknowledge comments about how that THING was “hot.” Yes, it may have been attractive for the standards of the time, but there is nothing sexual about that necrophiliac freak.

A movie called “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” is coming to theaters and Netflix late this year. The film is based on Ted Bundy’s life from his girlfriend’s perspective and how she handled his cruel nature. However, the public isn’t thrilled because people are saying the movie’s trailer is giving off a romanticized vibe and showing how Bundy was a dream-boat. I think a lot of that can be blamed on who’s playing the lead character, Zac Efron.

I agree with what the public is saying, and so does a famous journalist named Billy Jensen. On his Twitter account, he has made a thread about the victims of Ted Bundy. Let’s take a minute to focus on Billy Jensen. He is an investigative journalist focused on unsolved murders based out of Los Angeles, CA. Jensen made this thread below to shine a light on the victims.

This thread reminds us that Bundy destroyed lives, both the victims and those who loved them. He has brought light to these girls. Something that we all need to remember – these girls were more than just pretty faces. These women were more than just “beautiful.” They were more than just “pretty girls.” They were more than just “Ted Bundy’s Victims.”

They all had dreams, hopes, aspirations – they had drive, they had love, and they brought light to those around them. They were more than just some girls that were murdered, they were humans. While these girls were pretty, beautiful, whatever you want to call them, there was so much more to them than that. There was so much more to their lives than what Bundy did to them.

Do not honor this monster by going to see this new movie about him. Let him lie where he belongs! However, take some time to check out the rest of the thread by Billy Jensen. He is even offering to help fund extraction and familial searches for the unknown just to give them back their names.

People like Billy Jensen, people like these incredible women, are what deserve to be honored, he brought light to the victims, reminded people that they were more than just “beautiful girls,” and that they were real people – they deserve the attention that’s unfortunately been given to Ted Bundy. Bundy is not worthy of this romanticism. Ted Bundy was nothing more than an unfortunate lifeform that cursed this earth and brought misery and pain to so many people. Remember the people that he stole from the world, the potential that they had to make this world so much better.

Featured Photo via Ted Bundy Google Screebgrab


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