Social Media Is Losing It Over Zac Efron’s New Look

After newly released pictures of the new Ted Bundy movie,
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the internet freaked over Zac Efron’s image. He appeared in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter and debuted a new look that has everyone talking.

He appeared sporting a platinum blonde head of hair with his signature dark beard fans have grown to love in recent years. And of course, because it’s Zac Efron and he’s everyone’s teenage heartthrob, everyone can’t stop talking about how he looks with it.

Some are playing on the fact that he looks a little bit like a douche bag you’d traditionally find in the dating world.

For those who don’t know, Scruff is a gay dating app for men. Others are simply just interested in him:

Yes, he looks like a total f*ck boy, but I’m totally about it. Overall, people really find his new look absolutely attractive. Obviously.

And of course, a lot of gay men are just as obsessed as the ladies are.

I don’t blame a single man whose gushing online right now, because I too am in love with it.

Hell, it even got a few ladies onto his bandwagon!

Therefore he’s also officially a trend setter.

As if he wasn’t one already…

The reasoning for the drastic dye job isn’t even for a film as many people assumed it was, it was for (and I quote): “It’s just for life bro.” *Swoon* How can him just saying that be attractive? This man just has super powers.

Thus, it doesn’t look like he’s going to star as a live action Danny Phantom like this Twitter user thought. Sorry girl.

Overall what do you think of Zac’s new hair? Comment below!

Featured Image via Lily Collins


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