5 Ways To Bring The Beauty Of Nature Into Your Home

We all feel deep inside that nature is where we belong and that the cities we are enclosed in are not our natural surroundings. Perhaps we cannot escape urbanization, but what we can do is bring nature to our doorstep. The outdoors can have an indoor sanctuary in the comfort of your house. There are several strategies on how to make our homes more natural.  

Here are the 5 ways that people like you and I can implement the outdoors in our respective homes today.

Wooden features

Trees are something that immediately comes to mind when we talk about nature. They form a picturesque backdrop for so many landscapes that wood simply needs to find its way into our home. Timber is a building material that is easy to shape, so pretty, and so much can be made out of it. Some ideas include: furniture, balustrades, porches, swings, and toothbrushes that you can carve out yourself. If you are building your own house, then you can even use a tree trunk as a decorative support column. This area will become the pivotal place of your treehouse … sorry, we mean house.

Letting the natural light in

The biggest draw to open space has is the vastness of the blue sky above us. Natural light is something that we take for granted. We don’t notice this until we buy something that doesn’t have natural light such as an apartment. That is the time any person would wish for a skylight. In fact, windows act as portals that bring the natural light inside our living quarters and make it appear more spacious. Of course, large windows and skylights account for an insulation nightmare but are a few meters of insulating tape really worth the darkness?

When building your house, always make room for windows in every room, no matter how big they are. Natural light is always better than artificial light, which is something us office workers know best. Working on the 10th floors means that not only I get a great view of the city but plenty of sunlight as well.

Plants and flowers all over the place

An imitation of a tree or even a real tree inside the house is nice. However, plants and flowers are the details that will truly usher in the outdoors. There are so many places where they can be put, starting from a single flower pot or window planter box on the window sill, all the way to a proper garden corner. You can even remove the flooring on the ground floor and plant the flowers or trees directly into the ground underneath. Like with natural light, plants should be introduced to every room, including the bathroom. If placed in glass containers next to the shower, they will turn the bathroom into a home spa. Just keep the gardening tools like the ones Hoselink has to offer nearby to keep the plants in tip-top shape.

Literally, take the outdoors inside

So far, we have been metaphorically bringing the outside inside, but what if we took things literally? I’ve gone outside and picked up pinecones several times and created a decoration for an old bowl in the larder. You can take items that you like from the outdoors and bring them into the house. Even if you see a stone of an interesting shape, don’t shy from picking it up as it will look nice on a bathroom shelf. In fact, try to decorate the inside of your house with as many natural elements as possible. Instead of using a large ugly-looking plastic bag for laundry, try using a woven basket that you have bought from the local greenmarket.

A green wall

The ultimate outdoor feeling is achieved by creating a green wall. Choose a wall inside your house, preferably one of the walls in the living room, and transform it into a tapestry of green. I saw several such walls at my friend’ houses and I was knocked off my feet. They look so impressive that you get the feeling that nature forcefully made its way indoors. If you are afraid of all that greenery, then you can always make a wall from artificial leaves and climbers.

Rearranging your space can be a daunting task, so hopefully, these five ways make it easier. It’s great to feel close to nature. Here’s to bringing the “great outdoors” indoors, where, unlike in the woods, we still get access to great amenities like air conditioning. If you are uncertain how to liberate your indoor space, any of the 5 ways listed here are ideal for such an undertaking. Outdoor space has never been closer to your home!

Featured Image Via Daria Shevtsova On Pexels


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