6 Love Songs That Will Inspire Your Aspiring Relationship

February is the month of love, happiness and being with “your” person. Music during February is filled with love songs and how to embrace your relationship. What about that person who loves music but is not in the “love phase” of their relationship?

Here is a list of love songs for young adults who are in a relationship but they are trying to find the love in it once again:

1. “Thank You, Next” by Ariana Grande

This song is a great starting point. “Thank You, Next” will help you reflect on all your past relationships, and embrace what happened in them. It is okay to say “Next!” and move on, so you can find a truly great relationship and partner.

2. “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor

Envisioning your future love life is what this song makes you do. It helps you create standards for your relationship, and empowers you to think about how you want to be treated in a relationship. Put your feelings first. Once you do that, you will be able to let your partner know how you feel!

3. “All Of Me” by John Legend

This song reminds many people who they love with all their heart. Open your heart, show emotion, and tell your lover how you feel to put your relationship at a much stronger level or keep it strong. As you are open, your lover should feel as though it’s safe to reciprocate.

4. “Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton

This song is about pushing through when times get tough. All relationships hit a point where you think it may be over. All you do is fight and you never agree on anything. Listen to this song with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Talk about how breaking up will not be an option, and how working together to fix the issues will be the ideal solution.

5. “Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston

When the relationship is getting boring or stale, put this song on and have some fun! Letting loose and getting your dance on is what this song is all about. Go get your boyfriend or girlfriend and go do something that you both enjoy (if dancing isn’t your thing). It will bring back the fun and joy that went missing in your relationship.

6. “Like I am Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor ft John Legend

True love is loving someone so much that you are afraid to lose them. This should be the ending goal in your relationship as it shows true connection and everyone in the world your relationship is meant to be. This song really helps you connect with that feeling within your relationship.

Music is so powerful for the body and the soul. It can even impact your relationships. Love may not have worked out the first time, but by just by listening and embracing these songs, love may find its way into your current relationship.

Featured image via Ronald Woan from Redmond, WA, USA / CC BY-SA


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