Avril Lavigne Just Released a New Comeback Album, “Head Above Water”

Skater Girl Avril Lavigne’s comeback album, “Head Above Water,” released today. That’s right: after over 5 years of radio silence, we’re finally hearing from the punk pop star. By just looking at the cover, though, we can tell this is a new Lavigne. She’s a far cry from the days of her 2002 punk-princess premiere.


Sure, hints of the old punk rock goddess come out in moments within her collab “Dumb Blonde” and other spots. Overall, though, the album seems more like a mix of Sheryl Crow and pop princess.

Reviews are definitely mixed on this one. And, after trying to make my way through the album without developing an eye twitch from sellout shame, I definitely understand.

One thing that is for certain is that people are supporting the punk goddess after experiencing hell these past several years.


If you can get over the expectations you had for anything Lavigne would release, it’s actually a decent pop music album.

The lyrics and Lavigne’s unique voice carry an emotional kick in the pants as songs cover her struggles and recovery over the past several years. Some tracks, like “Goddess,” get a bit more playful, whereas others, like “Birdie,” tackle some tricky topics.

However, one thing’s for sure: Avril Lavigne is all grown up now, guys.

“Head Above Water” is available on CD, digital download, and streaming. Can’t wait to start listening? Check it out now on Spotify!


Featured image via screengrab from YouTube.


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