3 Feel-Good Reality TV Shows You Should Watch

After a long day, I always make sure I make time to relax in bed and watch TV. Reality TV shows in particular make me happy and bring a smile to my face.

These 3 reality shows are my personal beloved favorites that always make me happy inside, no matter how my day has gone. I know you’ll fall in love with one of these shows, too!

“The Little Couple”


“The Little Couple” is my go-to when I need a laugh and a dose of inspiration. I have watched this TLC show with my sister since it first aired, and from the very first episode, it absolutely drew me in! “The Little Couple” follows a small-statured couple, Bill and Jennifer, sharing their everyday triumphs and challenges.

Bill and Jennifer both live with a condition called called Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia (or SED). This bone growth disorder causes their short stature. Despite their condition, both Bill and Jennifer are incredibly successful! Bill is a business owner, and Jennifer is a neonatologist (a nurse who works with ailing newborns).

The couple also recently adopted two children, William and Zoey, who are both also “little people.” William (8) was born in China, and Zoey (7) was born in India. The children are absolute rays of sunshine and so full of energy that every time you see them on TV, you just want to join them in their shenanigans.

This family of 4 will certainly have you laughing and smiling for the 60 minutes it is on.

“Queer Eye”


“Queer Eye” is one of my absolute favorites, especially when I’m searching for fashion, beauty, relationship, or home decor tips! The show’s Fab Five guys (Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness) make it their mission to help people in need.

In my opinion, the five men all have amazing personalities and can make even the grumpiest people smile and laugh. “Queer Eye” brings me joy because these men never judge a book by its cover, and they are full of compassion and love. This show inspires me to give back anytime I can. If you are searching for a show that is full of sass, humor, and charitable acts, definitely give “Queer Eye” a chance.

This laugh-out-loud reality show appears on Netflix.

“Chrisley Knows Best”

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Good Sunday to you all today! I have had a heavy heart for sometime now and for some reason God has lead me to write this. I am constantly asked on a daily basis how has Chrisley Knows Best changed your life? I've always smiled and said " we are blessed." I want to explain what that means. You guys see me and my family for 22 minutes every Tuesday evening. We all get to laugh, cry, and bounce back .But is 22 minutes really enough time to cast judgement on someone or form an opinion so deeply that it causes people to make negative comments or lies told? What some of you may not know is that one year prior to our show being filmed, our family had the worst year of our lives. In March 2012, Julie, my rock, my soul, my everything, was diagnosed with breast cancer. The fear was overwhelming. Julie was steadfast in her faith and told me she was going to be fine. Me, being the control freak that I am, lived on the internet. Google became my best friend and my worst enemy. One article was promising and the next was devastating. I lost 15 lbs in two weeks but during that time, while on my knees in prayer, I felt Gods hand on my shoulder telling me to take Julie to Johns Hopkins and she would be fine. I did as God instructed, I knew no one at Johns Hopkins but through a friend at Emory, he connected us with the head of Oncology, the head of radiology, the head of Plastics and the head of surgical oncology. 16 hours of surgery later Julie was out of surgery and on the road to recovery. What I never told anyone was that I had been changed forever because of this situation and the fear that came with it. Julie and I pushed forward. We kept the kids as normal as we could and then the next blow came. My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer in May 2012 and while Julie was recovering my dad was letting go. We lost him on July 11 2012. On July 12, 2012 while in the funeral home doing the last thing I would ever be able to do for my dad, we receive a phone call from our banker. I learned at that moment that a trusted advisor for our family had been embezzling from our company. He had been forging our names for years and had done horrible things to us that

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This USA Network series is sure to make you laugh until you cry! “Chrisley Knows Best” gives you an inside look at the Chrisley family’s life. They are a rich family that lives in Georgia. Unlike many other reality TV shows, the Chrisleys take you on all their adventures: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is clear that this family does not follow a script, and you have to see their life to believe it. The entire family (even the grandmother!), have witty personalities and freely speak their minds. The best part of this series? The Chrisleys are relatable on so many levels. Give this hilarious TV show a try… you won’t regret it!

If you’re searching for reality TV shows that you will fall in love with as soon as they come on the air, I strongly suggest these three amazing shows. Grab some popcorn, and start bingeing one of these excellent shows! Happy watching!

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