Here’s Everything You Need To Know About National Make A Difference Day

What is National Make a Difference Day?

On the 4th Saturday of every October millions of people and communities come together to make a difference for those in need on National Make a Difference Day. This event was created back in 1992 by USA Weekend magazine. It’s become the largest national day dedicated to helping your neighbours and community.

Now I am going to be honest with you, I didn’t know that this was a day or a thing that was celebrated. Why? Well, because for me, every day is a day to make a difference.

I founded Youth Changing The World in the area where I live with 2 friends from high school. We do a wide variety of things for families and community members. The group has been around almost 9 years and I have seen the changes it can make in someone’s life. In those moments, the little things like food or gift cards for gas can help many through a hard time and help them get back on their feet. We hope these donations impact the individuals in both the short and the long term.

I think the concept behind National Make A Difference Day is amazing, I really truly do. Because it creates an opportunity for people who lead very busy lives with families to stop and think for a second: “Okay, what can I do for someone who’s in need today? How can I make their life better?” It can be big or small, but whatever you do, it will make their lives better and show them that someone really cares about them.

However, I don’t think this day should stop after October 27th. I think it could happen a little bit everyday with little acts of making a difference in someone’s life like saying hello to someone, paying for someone’s coffee, leaving notes of encouragement for your kids or your partner. These things can truly mean the world to them.

Afterall the possibilities are endless with what you can do to make a difference, not just for the person you’re doing it for but for you! Anyone who pays it forward will feel good after doing it and that good feeling can become addictive; the high helping humanity creates. It will be contagious bringing others to want to make a difference any way they can. This could create a domino effect and start to change the way communities take care of one another. Instead of one day, this can become a lifestyle. Using this may be the first step to a whole new way of living!

I am not saying you need to quit your job or make extreme sacrifices to help those around you. However, if you take actions to make a difference, the younger individuals in your life (whether that be children, nieces/nephews or those you are often in the presence of) will learn that this is what it means to be a contributing member of society.

You have the power to hand over the tools of change to the future generation. Go out and find people in need, help them see that just because their having a hard time now. It doesn’t mean it will last forever.

Share with us what you did on National Make a Difference Day below!

Featured Image via Helena Lopes on Unsplash


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