Why Each Of Your Friends Represents A Crayola Color

When you were younger and removed crayons from your box, I bet you never imagined each of your friends representing a Crayola color. As an adult, though, you’ll see that everyone falls into their own shade perfectly. (Even if some of them are as basic as Blank White, they still make your world colorful.)

Scarlet Red

This is the friend who is fiery and runs on all cylinders. She is a force to be reckoned with. She will do anything for you at a moment’s notice. She’s your ride or die. This girl will fiercely defend you behind your back as well. However, do not cross her; you will get burned.

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a negative Nancy with a “resting bitch face.” She’s still salty that orange is not the new pink. However, if she embraced her color, she’d be awesome. This friend is a little rough around the edges. Even though she is loyal to you, your other friends sometimes question her appeal.

Dandelion Yellow

This is your friend who just goes with the flow. Everything in her world is constantly upbeat and optimistic, which sometimes annoys the F out of you. She is the friend who will easily cheer you up and bring a smile to your face on a sad day. The sun is always shining and life is wonderful for this girl. La de effing da.

Forest Green

This is the friend who’s kind of jealous of other friends. She’s so used to being surrounded by lots of trees and foliage that she doesn’t realize other people have their own stumps to deal with too. All her envy is mostly thanks to her own insecurity. But now that Gucci’s made a comeback, she’s thrilled with her hue, and it’s softened her tone.

Turquoise Blue

This friend is the trendsetter of the group; the girl who’s constantly making waves. She is busy building an empire. She doesn’t have time for small, petty problems because they exhaust way too much of her energy. Her edge defines her. Basically, she was rocking Golden Goose sneakers before anyone discovered they were just overpriced, dirty Converse.

Shocking Pink

This is the friend who constantly surprises you. She is the pop of color necessary to spice things up. She is the fearless friend who will approach a group of guys and start chatting without any hesitation (also, totally embarrassing you in the process). This woman is never afraid to sport a cheeky lipstick or jazzy nail polish. She is confident in her choices and will always remind you it’s OK to stand out once in a while.

Royal Purple

Purple thinks she’s better than everyone. Occasionally, you have to gently tell her she’s a few shades behind Meghan Markle. She is the friend who feels you should always cater to her. Why haven’t you responded to my texts? Why am I still single? She doesn’t recognize she needs a reality check to discover that the world doesn’t owe her any favors. You’re still friends with her because of your history and don’t share much else in common.

Ash Gray

This is your lamest friend. She’s as dull and drab as her color. Sometimes, you want to remind her that gray is a good accent color, but she doesn’t want to see it. Even though she doesn’t bring very much to the table, she’s there if you want someone to grab dinner with on a Tuesday night, catch a movie, or do any activity requiring limited conversation. Also, you secretly want to set her and royal purple up to be friends.

Metallic Silver

This is a new friend who sprinkles her glitter into your life. She’s often fairly flighty and stays on her own mystical journey, but she’s got a really good heart. She’s the sparkle that lets everyone around her shine. She’s typically game for anything – a concert, a hip restaurant, or even a spontaneous road trip. Leave it to this friend to find the silver disco ball lining in any situation.

Old Gold

This is your friend who’s been through everything. She’s taught you to learn your worth and is the shoulder you cry on after a breakup. This friend sits on the phone with you for hours and listens to you debate the merits of a purse, a pair of shoes, or another vintage tee you don’t need. She will also help you clean out your closet and force you to purge the Juicy velour hoodies you’ve been holding onto since college. She wants the best for you and supports you in every way possible. She really deserves your Gold Star in the friendship awards.

There are plenty of other colors and lots more friends. But the one thing to remember is that they all fit in your box somehow. There is a way for you to expand your palate, networks, people in your life, and see the very best in every color you choose.

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