The 6 Tips You Need To Be The Best Maid Of Honor Ever

Congratulations, the bride has picked you as her maid of honor! You are the star of the bride’s entourage, so it’s important you nail the role. Your job is to keep your girl happy and make sure everything runs smoothly. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out these tips and you’ll have this MOH role down pat.

Be enthusiastic.

Your main role is to make the bride happy. If your girl mentions table centerpieces for the 100th time, don’t roll your eyes about it. When you agreed to be her MOH, you’ve agreed to let wedding planning take over your life until the wedding is over. While discussing colors, theme ideas, flowers, and so on try and be enthusiastic! Whatever you do, don’t say or do whatever you want. She needs help. After all, she has dozens of ideas in her head.

Be honest.

If she doesn’t look stunning in the wedding dress, or the color doesn’t compliment her, tell her. If you feel a certain way that you know she needs your opinion on, then don’t feel bad for telling her how you feel. If you go to sample a wedding cake and if it tastes awful, let her know. These little things matter to her, and a great MOH tells the truth.

Help her with jitters.

A few weeks before the big day, the bride may start to panic. She could be thinking she didn’t make the right decision about the venue, food, or even the dress. Just make sure you reassure her that she’s made the right choices, and everything will turn out perfectly.

Help her make decisions.

Let’s face it, most men don’t have a strong opinion about what flavor of cake to get, what flowers, or what kind of wine to serve. You are there to help the bride make these decisions about the wedding. Trust me, she will be forever grateful.

Make a playlist.

The morning of the wedding should be treated like a slumber party. One hairdresser with six ladies may take a while. So, make a banging playlist, drink mimosas, and bring magazines. Getting ready is going to take a while, so make sure you make it fun!

Make sure the bride eats breakfast.

You don’t want the bride to faint or feel sick on her big day. Stock the fridge with easy-to-eat food. Oh, and make sure she drinks plenty of water. Brides tend to forget to fuel themselves up before walking down the aisle, so just hand her snacks and water throughout the morning. She will be thanking you!

Remember you are her maid of honor from the moment you wake up on her big day, to the time you go to sleep. Continue to help out throughout the reception and evening. Let the bride and groom have a great night. You should be the one getting people to sign the guest book, making sure all the suppliers have been paid, and that everyone has a safe ride home at the end of the night.

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