5 Positive Ways To Help Your Emotionally Needy Friends

Despite the fact that needy people are exhausting and burdensome, they are actually the strongest friends. They will trust you and make the world revolve around you; they will simply ask for extra love, care, and attention as well.

They are not as annoying as most people perceive, but you must deal with them in a delicate manner. In fact, they’re a blessing in their own way; they sincerely care about you and intently listen to your problems.

The way you handle emotionally needy people determines how they treat you back. They can make your life a living hell or an Eden. If you have an emotionally needy friend in your life, here are 5 ways to handle them with positivity and care.

1. Discuss their neediness with your friends.

Sometimes, we lose our connection with ourselves and are not always aware of how we behave. In the same way, needy people don’t always sense when they are asking for too much. Sometimes, they just need us to tell them that they are perfect, and we love them just the way they are.

2. Show your needy friends love.

Your friends may be needy because they don’t feel lovable or like they are enough. They may be insecure or have emotional scars. If they trust you enough to show you their weakness, then know that only you can cure their feelings of imperfection.

3. Be rational when you can’t give them what they need.

Needy people understand and appreciate. They are hypersensitive, and deep down, they know that you want to always be there for them. You must tell them when you don’t feel well or need some space, though. They will surprise you in these moments and reciprocate every feeling you’ve ever expressed, supporting you like no other.

4. Remember that words are always the remedy.

Communication is the most necessary part of any relationship. Words can heal or sting, so pick your words according to the outcome you desire. Whether you wish to silence the storm of demands or rage it, what you say to your friends makes a difference. If you simply communicate, you can remind your needy friend that they are not as horrible or tiring as they believe they are.

5. Try to really understand their unique needs.

Some needy people may need to constantly feel lovable and know that they are your number one priority, so they may occupy the biggest portion of your life. Others might just need to feel that you are not leaving them out and you believe that they belong. Some needy people can exemplify a mixture of both traits. It’s important to understand what your needy friend really needs from you so that you can ensure that they feel lovable and important.

Needy people hold on for a long time, and when they finally find a shoulder they can lean on after their endless struggles, they don’t hesitate to pour their hearts out. These people are in need of two things: security and love.

Constant neediness can repel some, but it just takes a strong other half to bear with all the vulnerability. These people don’t become needy out of the blue; there’s always another party who contributed to their behavior, which is simply part of who they are. Provide these people in your life the same love, care, and attention that you demand; it’s all about the intangible feels!

This piece was written in collaboration with Douh Deeb.

Photo by Clarisse Meyer on Unsplash


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