5 Ways To Get In The Right Mindset To Meet Your Weight Loss Goals


When you think about the phrase, “losing weight,” you may feel an instant rush of anxiety. Often, when we try to lose weight, we find ourselves setting generic goals that can make progress towards our mental goals hard to achieve. What if you were to view weight loss as a lifestyle rather than a number. Here are five ways to take the focus off your physical weight on your weight loss journey:

1. Stop stepping on the scale.

Stop looking at your health goals as a physical journey. Once you stop checking your weight daily, you’ll change your mental game. When you stop weighing yourself, you’ll stop feeling the need to be “picture perfect” and start truly viewing your body as yours. You’ll also start working out because it feels good instead of exercising to make yourself “skinny.” You’ll feel so much better when you stop relying on your scale – I did too!

2. Don’t eliminate your favorite foods.

No matter what you do, don’t take your favorite snacks and meals out of your diet.  When you fuel your body and mind with your favorite foods, the other sacrifices you make feel way easier. It’s still important to incorporate those fruits and greens into your diet so you get enough vitamins and minerals, but when you decide to continue eating your favorite foods, you can find balance. I’ve found that keeping your favorites in your meal plan will make your diet feel more like everyday eating.

3. Do something that makes you feel relaxed. 

Incorporating at least 20 minutes a day of something that makes you feel completely happy and stress-free can be a game-changer. I have found that with my new house just sitting on the deck in the sun with my air pods in can change my whole mood. I also have worked on incorporating meditation and relaxation breathing into the end of my workouts. Life is so busy and the second you take just the tiniest chunk out of your overwhelming schedule to focus on your needs, your life will slowly start to change for the better.

4. Start with simple workouts.

If you’re thinking about beginning a workout regimen for your weight loss journey, start with some simple stretching and flow yoga. Starting out with low-intensity workouts will help you set your mind up for moving more often without immediately overwhelming your body. When you start from the beginning, you’ll be more likely to view working out as a fun, feel-good activity rather than a chore. It’s OK if you don’t run three miles each day or hit the gym for an hour from day one. It’s all about the mental journey that will then guide your physical progress.

5. Set realistic weight loss goals.

Instead of making 10 goals and trying to achieve them all at once, pick one goal that you really want to focus on and use small steps to make it happen. Make sure that your goal is realistic and fits into your new healthy lifestyle. Your goal can be as simple as eating one salad each day or starting every day off with a short stretching routine. When your goals don’t feel like work, they’ll start to click, and you’ll make progress with your weight loss.

When you focus on the mental changes that can make your weight loss a lifestyle, reaching your weight loss goals will be much easier. Once you learn to focus on your progress instead of your final weight goal, you’ll be much happier and healthier! Love yourself and love who you want to be. Focus on the journey and not the final destination.

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