5 Secrets To Actually Pulling Off Vibrant Hair Colors

Fun, vibrant hair colors have been a very popular trend for about a year now. Whether you want a simple pop of color, or an all-out mermaid mane, there are some things you need to consider before you dream up your hair goals.

Hair is a journey and mine has made me an expert in this very topic, so I thought I’d share all the knowledge I’ve picked up.

  1. Don’t expect to look like the picture overnight, if at all

First of all, unless you’re hair is already bleach blonde, the colors aren’t happening right away. Also, a lot of pictures you’ll see online were either Photoshopped to look like that or have a filter on them so they may not look the same when they’re on you.


My colors were only possible because of the tone they took from the previous vibrants I had. The blue would be hard to replicate without your hair first being purple, the purple would be hard to replicate without your hair first being pink, and the pink would be pretty easy if you had my shade of blonde first.

  1. Vibrant colors don’t damage your hair, but bleach does

The fun colors aren’t actually hair dyes, they’re stains. They do absolutely no damage at all. What does do damage is the bleaching you have to do in order for the colors to pop the way you want them to.

If you’ve been blonde for years and your hair is healthy, have fun! No damage will happen.


I was a bleach blonde with really damaged hair and needed to give it a bleach break. Almost a year later of no bleach, just stains or glazes, my hair is shiny, bouncy, and healthy!

If you have dark hair now, then I suggest taking it in steps and having fun with ombré and balayage first or else you will fry your mane.

  1. You can’t wash your hair

I mean, you can, but once a week. With cold water.

Seriously, heat is a vibrant hair color’s kryptonite. Washing it a lot, washing it with hot water, and styling it will make the colors fade quicker. A cold wash once a week and very little heat styling will keep it vibrant longer.

Don’t let the fade scare you away though – almost all of them fade really pretty!

Mine faded from this…


to this… 


 and every wash was something new.

  1. People will talk to you

There’s something about having fun hair that makes people want to talk to you, so if you’re not a people person and hate having conversations with strangers, opt for basic colors instead.

I’ve had tons of conversations with strangers about hair, makeup, what I do for a living… the questions never run out. Be prepared and greet everyone with a smile!

  1. Going back will be hard

Going from fun hair to a regular color is a harder adjustment than going from basic to fun.

You’ll try having fun with filters to add the oomph your hair no longer has and you’ll try adding extensions to make it fun again. 


But in the end, you’ll be like me, anxiously waiting for your five-hour hair appointment date to come so you can go back to vibrant.

Bonus tip: If you do have commitment issues like me, only let your stylist do stains or glazes so you can do lighter colors later with less damage. Bleaching out a dye is a lot harsher on the hair than a faded out glaze.

Featured Image Via Kylie Jenner


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