5 Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Life This Winter

As the wind becomes brisk and the leaves fall from the trees, we begin to switch our gears to prepare for the colder months ahead. Winter has the tendency of feeling as if it will never end. But by implementing these tips in your everyday life, you might just be able to make it a little sweeter!


The changes in seasons and temperature can be detrimental to our skin. When the weather drastically changes from warm to cold, the humidity also drops. Once that piercing wind picks up, our skin desperately tries to maintain hydration. Adjusting your skincare routine is necessary. Investing the time to research which skincare routine works best for you will potentially eliminate that tight, dry or even flaky skin we all have experienced! (Check out these three skincare products that won’t steer you wrong, here!)

Comfortable clothing

That layer of frost on your windshield makes you want to turn around and put those fuzzy pajamas back on, and certainly not get out of bed! Especially if you have to put on uncomfortable work attire. The phrase, “beauty is pain” is to be avoided at all costs this winter! The trick here is to invest in some clothing that is even more comfortable than your pajamas! Try dressing for your body, instead of in spite of it. Even starting small, with snug undergarments can make a huge difference. Considering how many layers you put on during this season, having a supportive bra and underwear set is the perfect place to start!

Stylish coat

A must! Through the months of November to March, our coats become an essential part of our outfits. It’s important to put your best foot forward with one you feel confident in. It’s time to donate your coat from 2010 and get trendy! Faux fur coats have been making a come back in recent years, or invest in a sturdy parka to protect you from that arctic chill. Invest in what makes you feel your best!!

A good book

As our generation becomes more attached to our phones, it is important to keep our minds sharp with some reading! Getting lost in the stories Gillian Flynn paints, or the deep drama’s Robert Patterson draws you into, is the best distraction from your screen. Not only will you be expanding your vocabulary, but also improving your memory and writing skills. Cozying up with a fluffy blanket, a cup of tea and your new book will provide you with a great stress relief from your hectic work day. Now get yourself to the bookstore!

Fun new drink

Getting yourself out of the house can be quite the undertaking once the snow has fallen. Getting drinks with the girls to catch up can start to become less like a treat and more like a task. Change this up, with a girls night in! Impress your friends with your bartending skills, with a fun new cocktail! You could even search pinterest for winter themed drinks, if you’re feeling extra confident!

Comment below with your favorite winter-themed investment!

Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash


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