Seth Rogen Discovered This ‘Duck Hunt’ Hack And Our Minds Are Blown

Back in the days of the 1980s before social media made sharing information as simple as pushing a button, we were all obsessed with the Super Nintendo game Duck Hunt. The duck would zigzag all over the place while you desperately tried to shoot it down. I remember watching and playing this game with my brother in the 90’s and it was really, really frustrating.

But Seth Rogen recently discovered something about Duck Hunt that nobody really knew: the player 2 controller actually controls the duck! We could have been playing with 2 players all this time! That’s just a lot to take in isn’t it?

Seth’s discovery came by accidentally sitting on the controller when his sister was playing the game.

If only we’d known this back when the game was still relevant. Maybe this will encourage people to get out their old consoles and try it out. Maybe we could have even saved some childhood friendships that were ruined by the game.

It’s almost unbelievable, but Seth Rogen wouldn’t lie or just make up this information. It’s also hilarious that this news is just being broken now. You would have thought it would have been revealed so many more years ago! It’s comical how people are even taking the news as well, because it’s bringing us straight back to our childhood.

Maybe we can now keep this information we can keep in our back pockets in case they reboot this classic video game soon?

Featured image via Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ United States of America / CC BY-SA


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