5 Things Every Person In Their 20s Needs To Do To Be Happy

You’re in your 20s: you’re young, healthy, and satisfied with your life.


Are you doing things that will help you stay happy in your 30s, 40s, or 60s?

Your twenties matter, according to Meg Jay:

“Our 20s are the defining decade of adulthood. 80% of life’s most defining moments take place by about age 35. 2/3 of lifetime wage growth happens during the first ten years of a career. More than half of Americans are married or are dating or living with their future partner by age 30. Personality can change more during our 20s than at any other decade in life.“

Wisdom comes from experience. No matter how hard you try, making mistakes is a normal process to obtain knowledge and learn something valuable from your own experience. However, it’s better to learn from other people to start living a happy life right now.

The sooner you understand some ideas, the better. Here are 5 things you should do in your 20s:

1. Create Your Daily Routine

Why should you care about your daily routine?

Modern people live in a hurry, and we often complain about the lack of time. However, if you have positive daily habits in your 20s, it’s easier to organize your routine and find time to do everything you’ve planned.

First of all, the start of your day affects your well-being, so it’s important to know tips and tricks to overcome morning fatigue. Plus, you need to keep a work-life balance to stay happy, so having good habits is a proven way to live a happier and healthier life. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to create your daily routine, the main idea is to understand what suits your needs and lifestyle.

2. Learn to Accept Yourself

The only person you can’t run away from is you. Thus, you need to be satisfied with yourself: your appearance, thoughts, actions. And learning how to accept yourself is a must when it comes to staying happy.

The sooner you learn it, the better. Nobody is perfect, but it’s you who is in charge of your destiny, so find what makes you feel proud of yourself. If you want to change something, do it if it helps to stay happy. Yes, cultivating self-acceptance requires much time and effort, but you should learn it in your 20s as the payoff is huge over the long haul.

3. Pursue Your Passion

No matter who you are, you must have a passion. Whether you love painting or traveling, it’s your passion that brings you satisfaction. There’s no secret that happy people do what they love, and the main idea is to pursue your passion.

Find time to dedicate it to your hobby or understand how to combine your passion and lifestyle. If you can stay creative, you can turn your passion into a business, and therefore you will enjoy your workload daily.

4. Find What Makes You Happy

A key to having a happy life is to understand what is important to you and what brings you joy. Thus, finding what makes you happy is so important. Although it seems easy at the first blush, just a few of us know what can uplift their mood.

Actually, there’s a variety of happiness sources – from eating chocolate to running a successful business. However, the main idea is to understand yourself, your needs and wants.


If you’re keen on learning and honing math skills is high on your list, that’s great. To make the most out of it, you can turn to math experts to make the process faster and easier.

After all, if it makes you happy, you should never give up on your dreams.

5. Let People Go

It’s harsh but true: we meet many people during the lifespan, and it’s impossible to stay in touch with all of them.

We are constantly changing, and it can lead to different views. As a result, people don’t feel comfortable with each other. It’s not your fault, and it’s not the fault of your partner. That’s just life.

People come and people go. Sometimes it can be painful to say goodbye to your dearest and nearest. However, if you can’t let people go, it can negatively affect your mood, well-being, and life.

Once you can keep positive memories and say goodbye to people, you start meeting other people on your path who can make you happy.

In a Word

Life is such an amazing journey, and we have to learn many things daily. However, some life lessons are crucial for our well-being. And the faster you learn them, the better. If you’re young, it’s high time to understand you and your needs to start living a happy life.

What would you add to the to-do list for people in 20s?

Photo by Pietra Schwarzler on Unsplash


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