17 Simple Things That Every Woman Wants From Her Man

What do women want? If you try googling it, do you know what you come up with? Pages and pages that claim they have all the answers. Most articles written by men (shocker) claiming that they know what ladies want out of dating, what they want in the bedroom and of course, they know all their “emotional needs”. To the “male geniuses” out there who have written psychology books/articles and looked at the “real science” of the matter to claim they know EXACTLY what a woman wants, I am sorry to say that you are mistaken. Why not try hearing what a woman wants from a woman’s perspective?

Women are more simple than men make us out to be. While we may be highly emotional and cry at the end of every movie with a happy ending, sad ending, or just because it is over, we are simple creatures. We expect the bare minimum and never really ask for a lot. If you want to know what a woman wants, just ask. If you screwed up and she is busy throwing an iron at your head, try reading this until she cools down.

What women want:

1. We want consistency.
Meaning: The only acceptable disappearing act is you being kidnapped. Otherwise, pick up the phone and call once in a while.

2. We want honesty.
Except if we look fat. You tell us we are the skinniest little thing in the room! Everything else, be honest about

3. We want to laugh.
Meaning: We want to hang out and watch endless hours of The Office.

4. We would like to show you off once in awhile without you doing anything embarrassing.
Meaning: Don’t talk about our sex lives in front of friends/family.

5. We want to be able to vent about our day.
Meaning: We would like to be able to complain about our day without you getting a glazed look on your face. 

6. We want an equal balance of alone time versus going out time.
Meaning: While we do like spending time with no pants on, sometimes we would also like to go out for a night on the town. Or to Sheetz.


7. We don’t care what you do (unless it involves a stripper).
Meaning: We don’t care what you do when you go out with the guys (unless it involves a stripper). We just want to know you are alive and not in jail afterwards.

8. We want your attention.
Meaning: We would like to see you. Not saying this needs to be a daily, weekly, or hell even on a monthly basis, but once in a-while it is nice to have a bit of your attention and to see you still look the same.

9. We want to cuddle.
Meaning: We need to cuddle. At least occasionally. Preferably with no socks on.

10. We want to get our way sometimes – No questions asked.
Meaning: Don’t make us beg to listen to N’SYNC in the car.

11. We want to be able to wake up next to someone and know that we are going to see them again.
Meaning: Not just at the breakfast table or randomly at the store.

12. We want to be able to eat in front of you.
Meaning: We want a no-judgement zone. Excuse me while I go power down a whole bucket of chicken wings.

13. We want to let our geek flags fly.
Meaning: We want to be comfortable enough with you that we can do and say whatever the hell we want to.


14. Occasionally, a grand gesture would be nice.
Meaning: We aren’t asking for dinner at a 5-star restaurant or a dozen long stem roses, but it would be nice to be surprised with her favorite Fruit Loop Popcorn from the Popcorn Company or a puppy.

15. We want someone that is going to say, “Text me when you get home.”
Meaning: We want someone to show a little concern about our well being.

16. We want to be able to tell you what we want from the future without you running away.
Meaning: We want to be able to tell you that we like you and want more from the relationship without you running away like Forrest Gump.

17. We want to know that we are not investing time/energy into something that isn’t going to last.
We want to know what you are thinking too.


And the ultimate, what every woman wants…

No matter how much she may deny it, no matter how much she may act like she is okay with being single, no matter how much she can not tell you because she is afraid she will never hear from you again, in the end, we all want the same thing. We all want to wake up next to that someone who gives us butterflies every time we see them. The one that will tell you that you are beautiful when you wake up, even when your hair looks like a bird’s nest and your morning breath is 50 shades of wrong. The one that is worth getting out of bed for and we know that will not kill us in our sleep.

Featured image via Анна Хазова on Pexels



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