Why There Is No Shame In Being A Basic Betch

Basic: adjective; of, relating to, or forming a base; fundamental

noun; something that is fundamental; an essential ingredient, principle, procedure, etc.

How has this word suddenly become such a bad thing? Basic has taken on a whole new meaning and now even the dictionary knows it.

slang; a person, especially a female, who is boringly predictable or unoriginal

We have adopted this simple word, originally meant as a way of describing ingredients that are crucial to making things, or simple steps one takes to get better at hard tasks, and turned it completely upside down. How so? Let’s use it in a sentence.

“They went to brunch; that’s so basic.”

“I mean that song is okay but it’s really basic.”

“She took a selfie with the statue like every basic would.”

“Does this flannel look too basic with these cutoff jorts?”

Do any of these sentences come across as positive statements? Does this term crave your attention and make you desire to fill that role? For some reason, most people have decided it’s not ok to be basic.

It’s no longer cool to be the base of what greater things are built on.

I think that sounds like a pretty badass way to describe something, or someone.

Oh, don’t mind me over here in my black top & distressed skinnies. I’m just starting to create an epic outfit by using the BASIC pieces. Wait till I get my shoes. Then my jewelry. And my bag is going to crush this look. Plus my updo will be “I woke up like dis” fresh. And you thought my look was basic. I’m really just giving you all inspiration for your own looks.


And yeah I’ll take a picture like I’m a tourist because that BASIC monument is only a silly testimony to our country or religion or whatever it may be. We wouldn’t even have money to build buildings if it weren’t for tourism, so I will gladly contribute to the masses. I like living in an established place that has money for things, but hey maybe that’s just me.


And I’m totally going to throw up the peace in sign in my selfies because I really would love for everyone to go back to that BASIC time in our world’s history where there was actually peace.


People. It’s okay to listen to basic music, or appreciate basic art, or even do basic activities. If those things weren’t there to base other things off of, there wouldn’t be any non basic stuff for all the hipsters to go apeshit over. You’re welcome, hipsters.

Feature Image via Floaties Jakarta Instagram 


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