What You Realize During Your Last Summer Before Graduating College

For most college students, summer is a time of relaxation. After a long year of class and work, it’s nice to be able to slow down and take a break. Summer is the time when we can truly do anything we want without having to worry about annoying deadlines and schedules. We can sleep whenever we want and watch TV all the time if we choose. However, for me, this summer is the end in many ways because I will soon start my final year of college. After this year, I’ll move on to graduate school, hopefully, get a new job, and I can only hope I find a new place. This is the last summer I will ever be able to dwindle my time away. After this, I will have responsibilities all year ‘round. It’s a daunting, but exciting thought that this summer is my “last summer.” I am excited about my future and going out and living my life, but I’m also a little scared. I think that’s normal, though.

I know I’m an adult, and moving on is part of life, but I feel as though I am losing a part of me.  I’ve always had a summer break, and I honestly don’t know what it’s like to not have these summer months. I am excited for my future plans, but these summer months are times I hold dear. I will be turning 21 this summer, and that terrifies me a little. Most people are excited about turning 21 because it means they can legally drink. But, as someone who is not interested in alcohol, 21 means something else. I’m not sure what, but it does hold some significance. Maybe, I will finally feel like a real adult because part of me still feels 18.

This is the last time I get to look forward to move-in day. The next time I move in anywhere it will be an apartment. It’s still exciting to think about move-in day, but this year, it’s a different feeling. I always look forward to move-in day because it is the start of a new college year and a new set of surroundings. It’s a chance to make new friends and build a strong community.

Graduation is just around the corner. It’s almost time to say goodbye to this amazing chapter of my life. It’s a scary realization, but history tells me I will be just fine. I know that God has some pretty big things planned for me, and I am excited to see what is at the end of this path I’m headed down. College really has been the best four years of my life. I plan to use these next few weeks enjoying what time I have left and praying for guidance on what to do next. A whole new chapter is coming, and I definitely need to be prepared for it.

This summer has helped me realize that planning is important, but living in the moment is even more important. I have taken some time this summer to really get to know myself. I have figured out what I want out of life and where I want to go. I’ve learned who and what is important to me. I have discovered that at the end of the day, God is in control. My plan should be His plan, and I plan to live that plan out to the best of my ability. I used this summer to do some soul-searching, and I like what I found. I challenge you to do the same. If this is your last summer break, I hope you are able to truly find yourself and discover who you want to be.

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  1. I’m also graduating at the end of the year and have similar feelings as this is also my last year living in a residence so there will also be no more moving in for me except an apartment. It’s probably also the last time I will share a room with someone for a long time though I will be glad to have my own space I will miss chatting to my roommate while we both lay in bed. I think college has so many things that you only experience there but the next phase is nearing which will hopefully be just as beautiful! Xx

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