Meet The Cast From MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’

Well Challenge fans, looks like the wait is almost over for season 32 of The Challenge. Staying traditional to past seasons, this one has a theme and it’s not going to disappoint. This time around cast mates are going to their “final” opportunity to patch things up or duke it out with their enemies. So basically it’s like another season of Rivals.

However unlike their Rivals theme, this one has mixed genders or same-sex team pairings. So I don’t know how the challenges are going to be done since there are some unfair advantages in some of these match up’s. Otherwise, no other details have been revealed except for a tiny trailer to give a preview.

Now for the cast, here’s who you can find partnered up and potentially why:

Amanda and Zach- Zach probably doesn’t like Amanda’s loud personality and Amanda probably doesn’t like Zach for his entitlement and cocky attitude.
Faith and Angela- Angela is from Bad Girls Club and Faith is from Vanderpump Rules. Why are they beefing? No one knows (or cares).
Kyle and Brad – Kyle pulled a wicked power move over seasoned veteran Brad last season.
Britni and Chuck – Both shared a house on season 3 of Are You The One and both hated each other.
Natalie and Paulie – They shared a Big Brother house, need I say more?
Da’Vonne and Jozea – I’m assuming some sort of beef in the Big Brother house being carried over?
Tori and Derrick – They entered their rookie Challenge season as a couple, but that was short lived when Tori cheated on him with fellow challenger, Jordan.
Jenna and Jemmye – Jemmye made it clear she didn’t like Jenna’s friendship with Kailah so last season Jemmye threw Jenna into elimination as often as she could.
Sylvia and Joss – There was a spark between the two last season, but we never learned what happened aside from that.
Kayleigh and Kailah – Kailah destroyed all of Kayleigh’s belongings and bullied her out of the house, forcing her to quit. It’s a real Mean Girls situation going on here.
Melissa and Kam – Melissa loved to start drama last season and Killa Kam didn’t tolerate it.
Nelson and Shane – They both love drama and getting into arguments with each other, what else can I say?
Veronica and CT – CT called out V for being a weak link on Dirty 30 and she didn’t like it.
Cara Maria and Marie – Marie thinks she’s God’s gift to the Challenge (even though she sucks) and thinks she’s better than everyone so she picks on Cara for anything she does, causing Cara to retaliate (and win even more because she’s a badass).
Bananas and ?The only cast member who didn’t have a partner selected is the infamous Banana’s. I’m thinking either he’ll have a new partner each week or it’ll be Sara, Devin or Tony… Maybe Wes might come back for this season? Who knows!

Sadly series regulars like Leeroy, Aneesa, and Camila are surprisingly not among the cast. Well, maybe MTV doesn’t want Camila back after all of her racial slurs and derogatory behaviour. But still, there are a lot of new faces I didn’t think I’d see. And thank sweet Jesus CT is back because I love him on this show!

For this season I’m predicting a whole lot of drama, as always, hook-up’s (I’m looking at exes Jenna and Zach) and twists. Hence why I think Bananas will have multiple partners throughout the series. But all in all this cast has a decent match up with plenty of back stories.

My only complaint is that MTV needs to stop bringing in people from other reality shows. I don’t care to see Big Brother contestants or people from the UK. Bring back people we actually know and like from the Challenge or other MTV shows!

The Challenge Final Reckoning premieres Tuesday, July 10th, 9pm est on MTV.

Featured Image via challengemtv


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