What You Need to Know If You Are Holding Out On Seeing Deadpool 2

This review contains spoilers, so if you have yet to see Deadpool 2, just know it was super funny and you should go see it. Do not read anything after this paragraph. I do not take the blame for you continuing to read if you have not seen it! You are of your own free will, so the blame for spoiling anything lies with you. The anticipation is finally over! The long waited Deadpool sequel is here!

It is just like the first. It is off the charts when it comes to its raunchiness, language, cameos, bad jokes, and offensive material. Ryan Reynolds has become Deadpool. For the most part, it has the same cast, except for three new main characters. Josh Brolin, Zazie Beetz, and Julian Dennison join Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Karan Soni, and Leslie Uggams in this hilarious, yet oddly sad sequel.

At the beginning, Deadpool does what he always does. He is about to do something stupid, so before he does it, he takes us back to explain why he is about to do it. Like anything has to be justified, it is Deadpool for crying out loud. Although the explanation helps, I do believe it was rather an emotional one. Why does someone always have to die when things start to get really good?

This death pulls Deadpool through every single stage of grief. I have to say I do not like depressive Deadpool, although he is image of depression in millennials. With depression comes destruction. And he wants to destroy everything he has built. I was really surprised that Ryan Reynolds was able to depict the image and stages of depression and suicide in today’s society without making it look like a pity party.

Suicide is not the only social issue tackled in this sequel. It also references gender equality, bullying, racism, and same sex relationships. Now Deadpool would not be Deadpool unless he makes a crack at DC Comics as a whole. With new people joining the Deadpool family, there are new villains, new alliances, and new friendships to be made. And at this point you know there has to be another plot twist.

Of course someone else has to die. Shocker there! Now at this point, I wanted to throw my drink at the screen. I was beyond pissed off at Ryan Reynolds. (I mean he does produce Deadpool too!) There are a bunch of new weapons and the stunts were waaay better than the first one! Just like the soundtrack to the first one. This soundtrack is awesome! It fits the many action scenes packed into this sequel.

Honestly, I would give this movie a 10 out of 10 even though it put me in my feelings. Deadpool is by far the best “superhero” series yet. I mean how can you not like a smart ass superhero? In addition to all the new raunchiness, Ryan Reynolds has to show us how much of a family man he is. His moral reasoning shows through in Deadpool. Which is the only thing that made this movie “family friendly.”

Think of it as a new age X-men meets Terminator and you will be just fine.

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