5 Uncomfortable Life Lessons You Learn In Your 20s

Have you ever felt clueless of what will happen in your life? Many times, I feel the same; it’s miserable and heartbreaking indeed. However, I still am thankful I get to realize a few things before it’s late and before I get defeated by a heap of uncertainties.

Passion alone can be very dangerous.

Follow your heart,” they keep saying. But to what extent do we need to be driven by our own passions?

One of our major misconceptions is that passion is the only thing we need, then the whole shebang will go smoothly. Most often, these very passions of ours blind us, thus leading us in wrong directions.

We forget that there’s this downfall of passion: failure. I know a few who lived their passion but what’s heartbreaking is the regrets that follow.

Our passion drives us to unreasonably urge for what we desire and insist for our arguments for the sake of pursuit.

Your college won’t determine what you’ll be in the future.

During my college years, I already heard these words from one of my professors. I remember agreeing but still had thoughts alongside: It is always better if we get a job that is related with what we’re specializing in, isn’t it?

Here’s the sad part: The society we live in already has its expectation of its peoplean education major to become a teacher someday, a law graduate to be a lawyer or build his own intellectual property firm soon, things such as that. What’s even sadder is that we’re trying to meet those expectations set for us.

When I graduated at 20 and was ready to take over the world, I had shed loads of hopes in my job applications with the idea of earning on my own. However, my heart immediately got broken after not receiving callbacks from the companies I was eyeing. It felt undeniably frustrating to consider another job ad that was far from what I long desired.

It took me a month or two to finally get moving from what seemed to be depression. I tightened my beliefs that soon, my worries would fade. It’s true that things won’t go as what we like, however, do not forget that this world is round. I was grateful to realize I found happiness, too, to where I’ve gone to.

Lucky are those who obtain what they desire but luckier are those who found where they really belong.

Whenever we see someone succeed, we aspire to be like them. We follow their pattern expecting that we’ll do the same and will get successful as well. But to tell you, this is absolutely wrong and this is the reason why we can’t see our own purpose.

    “Everyone is a unique individual.”

This may sound cliche but let us repeatedly mull over this. Whilst we keep pushing ourselves to be someone we are not, there is a tendency to miss the chances available for us. And worst is the possibility to fully forget who we really are.

Maybe it’s part of the transition stage that we put our value to our career standing. We compare our achievements with those of our batchmates. We equate our expectation and our actuality then evaluate where life went wrong.

“The carpenter did not design a chair to function as a table even though they are created from the same materials.”

Everyone is inimitable. Whilst we believe we can be someone we look up to, we have our own track to follow. Who knows what awaits, maybe what’s for you is far from what you imagine and possibly greater than what you’re eyeing.

You don’t live the reality with your eyes closed, you do it wide awake.

The world will make us believe that our dreams are all that life is about. But to tell you the truth, the reality is far from a dream, a wonderland or a fantasy.

It is meant to be conquered with our eyes open.

You may feel like a failure in the making for not measuring up to your dreams but that’s how it is. Life certainly is not lone coated with much sugar. You don’t always bring home the bacon. You either win or lose in a battle but that shouldn’t stop you from fighting.

Our hearts are indeed vulnerable.

We keep believing we are strong and we can do things against all odds but in reality, we are not; our hearts are not. There’s no denying it is the reason why we feel so broken and wrecked if things don’t go as what we desire.

Our heart is very important as it is involved with our paths of thoughts, our means of actions, our delivery of words, and our shape of mood.

And so, we have to put our guards up and make ourselves accountable for its safety and protection. Delicate as it is, we still have to be very cautious.

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash


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