5 Things To Remember When You Feel Chronically Single In Your 20s

Being in your twenties is tough, and being single during that time can make it even worse for some. With the pressures put on our generation, a lot of young people feel validated when in a relationship and when they don’t have that validation; they crumble.

There’s no need to beat yourself up and dwell on the fact that you’re young and single. There are more important things to remember during this time if you’re feeling down about your relationship status.

Learn to Love Yourself

Appreciate yourself for who you are and don’t worry about your flaws. It’s so important to take care of yourself  and work on making yourself a better person before you start to focus on someone else.

Recognize What You Are Capable Of

Give yourself endless amounts of gratitude and learn to identify what you are truly good at in life. Praise yourself for your accomplishments, realize what things you do well and emphasize on those things during anything you do. You learn to see the best parts about you by doing this.

Take Chances

Being in your twenties means there are so many opportunities that you may not get when you get older, so you need to take them to learn about yourself or allow yourself to take a new path with new things ahead. Sure, you’ll always have fear, but your young enough to make those mistakes and still recover from them.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

If you want to attract someone who is going to be your potential life partner, remember that you are worthy of getting someone you deem as being out of your league. Your heart isn’t something you just give away, so if you will, make sure that person is worth it. There’s nothing more frustrating than giving your all to someone who doesn’t deserve it. Know your worth and go for what you deserve.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People

No matter how hard you cry into your pillow in disappointment after a failed Tinder date or lonesome Saturday night, just worry about doing what you gotta do for yourself. Everyone will be at different stages in life, and that’s okay. There’s no standard as to how you should live. Besides, you’ll have time to focus and grow on your own, all your friends in relationships won’t be able to do it as easily.

You will never be able to take back the time you dedicated to yourself after you get into a new relationship and start a family. Why not make the best of your singlehood and enjoy yourself. Sulking won’t change anything about you, working on yourself will. And you’ll never forget these life lessons and memories for as long as you live.

Featured image via Ashish Thorecha on Unsplash


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