7 Surefire Signs That You’re Dating A Manipulative Man

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s really easy to pick out a manipulative man from a crowd. They have very noticeable traits that are arguably the same in every man. However, it’s very difficult to notice when you are blinded by the love goggles. No matter how many times your friends tell you, you’ll never believe them.

It’s time you find out the signs from someone else, and I’m here to show you.

He Always Has an Excuse

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If he’s argumentative, he blames it on being raised with his parents who fought, and if he doesn’t communicate clearly he blames it on not ever being in a serious relationship before when you know he has.

He “Forgets” to Include Specific Details

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He won’t ever tell you specific details when he’s telling you a story because he knows if you find out the truth, you won’t like the answer. He rather avoid answering questions or explaining himself so he either lies or “forgot that part” when you finally discover the truth.

He Plays the Victim And Treats You Like the Abuser

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If he misses work because he woke up late, he’ll blame you even if you weren’t even there. Then when you deem that it’s impossible because you weren’t with him last night, he’ll use the excuse, “Yeah, but I was up late texting you because you get mad when I don’t.” Nothing is ever his fault.

He Accuses You of Being “Too Emotional”

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If he says something that is rude but plays it off as a joke (even though we know he was lowkey serious), he’ll get frustrated and call you too emotional as a defence mechanism. He’ll twist every scenario to make us women feel crazy. (Well maybe if men weren’t pooheads we wouldn’t be so emotional, how about that thought?)

He’ll Question You When You Question Him

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You could ask him a simple question such as, “where did you go with the boys last night?” and he’ll immediately respond with a different question, “well where were you last night?” He’ll always find a way to question the things you’ve done.

He Only Acts Horrible Behind Closed Doors

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Ever notice how when you’re in front of other people he’s a kind and gentle person who everyone loves because he seems like a genuine nice guy, then when you’re alone he’s aggressive, annoying and degrading? It’s all an act for a reason.

He Guilts You Into Staying With Him

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Just when you think you found your pair of balls again, and stand up to him or go to finally break up with him, he acts kind again and suddenly you find yourself remembering the good times and stay by him. It’s all an act, but you fall for it every time because you think he’s finally changed. (They never do though.)

No matter how many times people say it, it never sticks if you don’t see it. But have you noticed the trend that nothing is ever his fault in these issues and that the blame is always on the woman. It’s all a big mind trick to get you to do/think what he wants you to do. Be careful, because those guys are everywhere these days.

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