Stop Overthinking Things And Start Managing Your Life

Life is messy and always will be, so it can be hard to see the big picture. I know for myself it tends to happen more than I’d like to admit but I’m still here because of one thing. I tried almost everything to improve it. I tried making lists, using a planner, keeping myself busy, but all together, the only thing that helps me is something called a vision board.

A vision board is exactly what it sounds like… a board of your visions. Visions are your dreams, your goals, your close achievements, everything you want and need to happen. I am a visual person and so I personally find these very helpful. Depending on where you put your vision board there can be multiple options on how to create them. You can write it on a bristol board, print off pictures, take your own photos, or create a list using all three. The trick to creating a good vision board is being able to see it, all the time.

My vision board is above my bed, and as I work from home, I am able to look and see what I am working towards. It motivates me to do my best work and to be proud of what I completed.

Since these visions boards are essentially your thoughts and are now visible, you can see your progress. Check them off and show yourself how much you have accomplished. Everyone knows that the information you have in your brain isn’t always shown as a clear image, so this way you can continue adding to the list and have a clear view at the same time.

A vision board consists of everything you dream of doing, dream of having, and need to accomplish. For a vision board to be completely successful you should add your large dreams and events but also a few goals for each week so that you can take them down and have them completed. Checking off your goals is a very therapeutic event, it allows you to see progress, to understand what you have completed and to visually see the difference you’ve made.

Vision boards are a weird concept, and it took me a long time to actually get used it to and to like using them but I couldn’t live without it today. They help keep me on track with my goals, my schedule, and my dreams. They provide me with a sense of clarity about why I do the things I do.

When life gets stressful and to the point where you do not know how to turn it around, create a vision board. Remember why you’re here, what your goals are, and why you need to make those dreams a reality. Can’t do all of that in your head? No problem, vision boards are waiting to help! Yay, to planning the future and your best life.

Feature image via Alexander Stemplewski on Pexels


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