4 Simple Changes To Make If You Want To Be More Eco-Friendly

Our world is falling into madness.

Ok maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but our world needs some help. We’ve known this for a while now, but still, we don’t seem to be doing a ton to change anything. However, there are individual people out there trying to make a difference in any way they can. It’s just a little confusing sometimes. I get that. So, as an almost-graduated Sustainability Scientist, I came up with a few tips for anyone trying to be just a little bit better to the earth.

Stop f*cking drive to the places you can walk to

Your class is not that far away. If you just leave five minutes earlier, you’ll get there on time and get some exercise in. I get it that you are late sometimes, and driving seems to be your only option (it’s not you could bike), but more often than not, you are just downright lazy. So, get off your ass, save a little money by not wasting your gas, and lower the emissions you are -carelessly throwing into this world. Or, at the very least, f*cking carpool.

Invest in a reusable water bottle

They are pretty. They are convenient. You can slap some stickers on them. They help the world become a better place and keep you hydrated all at the same time. It’s magical. And don’t even start with the whole “There’s nowhere to fill them up!” or “Tap water is full of chemicals!” excuses. First off, if you can find a bathroom, you have a fill-up station, and second off, bottled water is literally just a marketing ploy in most, if not all, cases.

Say no to the plastic

Did you know plastic is a man-made combination of chemicals that can never be uncreated or absorbed back into the earth? Instead, plastic just gets chopped up into smaller and smaller pieces and normally ends up in the ocean,  inside fish that a lot of people then eat. Like the taste of fucking plastic? No? Well then, next time you go shopping, opt for reusable everything. No more plastic spoons, straws or grocery bags. It’s that simple.

Start thinking in resources

Our world has a finite amount of resources it can give us. Yes, some are renewable… but only to a point. Which means that the next time you order that hamburger, think about where that beef came from. Think about all the food, water, land and energy it took to make and get you that piece of meat. Is the amount of resources used for that one hamburger worth it? Probably not at all, considering you got it from McDonalds and paid a dollar for it. Don’t worry, you’ll be paying way more in the long run.

I promise you that if you try to do these things for a month, maybe even just a week, and I mean really try (i.e. without whining about it the whole time or adding to your superiority complex because you are “doing the right thing”), you’ll see that it really doesn’t affect your life in any negative way. Heck, most of the results will be positive. So, get up and start trying to change the world, one reusable water bottle at a time.

Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash


  1. This piece is trash. You don’t contribute anything meaningful to the environment. Atleast your writing is bad enough that nobody would ever waste the paper to print it out. If you got a job in food service you would be a better member of society than you are now

  2. One honest piece of feedback: if you want to use an expletive in your piece, censoring it with asterisks is counterproductive and diminishes the intended effect.


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