I Realized That I’m Meant To Share My Story And You Are Too

The millennial culture is one that is commonly fueled by emotion, unoriginality and seemingly endless hate. The power to bring forth change lies within all of us, yet some of us choose to live as powerless beings. Some of us choose to embrace a way of life where outward displays of faith and inner courage are often overlooked.

Millennials are largely consumed by achieving the perfect “selfie;”  the trivial aspects of life, never truly enjoying themselves as they are. Everyone is so concerned with finding their voice in a crowd rather than choosing to stand up and stand alone.

I am a millennial.

What if I told you all it takes to make a difference is one soul, one life or one story?

I’ve fought the acceptance battle my whole life, and I’ve come to realize that I am meant to stand out. I’m meant to share my message through writing.

Initially, I rejected even entertaining the notion that the Lord would call me to become a writer. I chose to ignore His faint tugs on my heart, urging me to write. I lived life through a painted veil; a veil of pleasure with no real lasting joy, no peace. For years, a deep depression consumed me, until, six years ago, I first received the call to write.

Before I was called to write, I did everything I could to live as able-bodied as possible. I earned a two-year secretarial degree in hopes of achieving the dream I had for a person I would never be. I slowly learned that you can’t push away a disability. You have to accept it and learn to embrace it.

I got to a point where I realized I couldn’t survive without answering His call.

I still battle my inner demons at times; life is tiring. Writing has given me a whole new life, has opened doors and has brought joy to my days. The blessing in writing is seeing my words touch and inspire others to be the best version of themselves for Him. The only life I knew prior to becoming a writer was the life of a college student with no direction.

People should trust Him because He is the best forever friend you could ever have. He’s always there, through every trial and tribulation. He’s around to listen any time of day.

He knows me better than I know me. He sees what I don’t. He knows my beginning and where I’m headed. He’s constantly pulled me out of the lowest of lows; even my worst point four years ago.

The walk of faith is a hard one; it’s so easy to trust what is in front of our faces instead of the unseen. I am one who lives by His word. If you trust in Him, you never know what exciting plans He may have in store for you.

Christ is worth trusting in; He loves you more than you could possibly know. I know I am undeservingly blessed. The cherry on the cake is that if you follow Him, you also receive everlasting life in Heaven. What could be sweeter?

Why try to fit in when you’re meant to stand out? Everyone has a story to tell. Don’t hide behind others because you think they are cool. God’s approval is all that matters.

I’ve been through a lot of trials in life, and I am still going through new ones daily. The good news is His mercy is fresh every day. I may be human, but His love never fails me. I am so grateful for the life He’s provided me.

My disability is not a blessing; it is wrong to say that has made things beautiful. I struggle so much every single day with the very thought of wanting others’ approval. That’s human nature. But the beautiful part of who I am is finally getting to come full-circle into my own as an independent woman who strives to create change for many folks, both able-bodied and not.

I believe that if we all aspire to share our stories and create change, the world will be a better place. The story He has for you awaits you as a story unwritten.  

Featured Photo via Pexels.


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