How To Read Tarot Cards For Your Friends

Thank you so much for supporting another week of Tarot B*tch! I can’t believe we now have eight of these bad boys floating around the interweb. This week, we’ll discuss some tarot tricks to read to your friends.

Tarot Tricks For First Readings

I think the first few readings are always the most head-scratching and confusing of them all. If you’re anything like me, I have my original journals from my early days of reading…and sadly, none of it made any sense. Skimming through the “will I…” and “does he…” questions made me realize two things: it is entirely about the problem and not every answer will be in your book.

I can’t even begin to stress to you the importance of a freaking decent question. Don’t ask questions that are all, “Will I win a million dollars on the lottery?” or “Does he secretly love me and just isn’t saying anything?” Tarot should be about self-discovery. (If you’re looking for yes or no, seek out a decent Lenormand deck and call it a day.) The questions you ask should illuminate the behaviors you need to take on to obtain your goals. Think, “What can I do gain financial security?” or “How can I open myself up to receiving love?” Questions you ask should give you an answer that will make you better and allow you to become wiser.

Ever pull a card and not have any freaking clue what it’s trying to tell you? Ditch the book for 30 seconds and try to think outside the box. For example, you pull Five of Cups when asking a question about dinner. Disappointment? Regret?! Your tarot book will probably rave about the dangers of heartbreak and emotional loss. Dinner can’t possibly be that serious to warrant just a depressing card, right? Well, no, but it could be pointing you to rearrange the stuff in your freezer. What’s more disappointing than making something for dinner when you forgot your very favorite food pushed to the back? Or maybe it’s signaling that there is a super cool restaurant you always mean to try out but perpetually forget. Five of Cups could be telling you to be on the lookout for other options when your book only tells you about the emotional distress side of it. Remember that tarot isn’t always cut and dry, so try to explore answers that make some sense to you.

Activating Your Inner Fortune Teller

I think the best tricks are the ones that you get to actually listen to yourself for a change. Maybe a little harsh, but I find that the voice we typically silence is our own. So how can we pull that wise person out of us to read for our friends? The best way is to listen to the little nudges inside you. Try to see what happens when you pay attention and act on the things that don’t follow any scientific or logical explanation.

For example, once I was debating on going to yoga practice or going home. I even drove to the studio on my way back, but I had this feeling that I needed to go home. Turns out, my roommate accidentally locked my cat in our closet, and if I hadn’t gone back, he would have been stuck in there for hours. It’s little things like this that make me believe that everyone can sense things that don’t have any real explanation.

The best exercise you can practice is relating to a card when you experience events. Relate yourself to the cards when you have a happy, sad, irritating moment. By seeing the cards on experiences you’ve already had, you’ll be able to pin them on moments in the future much better – because you already know how it feels to go through them.

The best trick I can give you on reading for friends is to just do it. The best practice is consistent reading. The more you see the cards, the better you’ll relate to them. The second trick is to not give up. Seriously. Give yourself some time, and your friends will begin to value your skills.

Until next time!

Feature image via Jen Theodore on Unsplash


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