How To Find The Perfect Bathing Suit For Your Body Type

Shopping for a bathing suit can be an incredibly daunting task, especially if you’re unsure of which type of suit best compliments your body type. Nowadays, there are more bathing suit options available than ever before. Therefore, having a thorough understanding of your body shape can be beneficial when it comes time to purchase a stylish new suit.

First things first – in order to know which type of swimming suit to purchase, you need to know which body type you have. There are seven main categories regarding female body shapes; straight, pear, spoon, hourglass, inverted triangle, oval, and diamond.

If you fall into the straight body type, your bust and hips are essentially the same widths. Your waist, however, is slightly smaller than your bust and hips. If you have a straight body type and want to create the illusion of curves, so,  a bathing suit that has bold prints and/or cut-outs is your best bet.

If you identify with the pear body type, your hips are larger than your bust, and your waist likely slopes out toward your hips in a gradual manner. You’re going to want to locate a swimsuit that emphasizes your upper body and draws attention away from the lower body in the process, focusing specifically on your arms, shoulders, and collarbone.

If you consider yourself to have a spoon body type, your hips are wider than your bust, and your waist is a bit smaller than your bust. One-piece bathing suits would flatter your figure, specifically ones with ruching across the torso.

If you believe you have an hourglass body type, you can basically refer to yourself as Marilyn Monroe. Your bust and hips are equal widths while your waist is distinct and defined. Some high-waisted bottoms and a classic bikini top are the best options to accentuate your figure.

If you relate to an inverted triangle body type, you have a large bust, narrow hips, and a waist that is not necessarily distinct. To compliment your body shaper, classic bikini bottoms and a halter top will accentuate your collarbone and take attention away from your bust.

If you have an oval body type, your waist is greater in width than your bust and hips, while the hips are narrow in comparison to your shoulders. A Tankini or a skirted bottom will define your waist and enhance your curves.

If your body type is diamond shaped, it is similar to the oval body type. Your waist is greater in width than your bust and hips, but your shoulders are narrow in comparison to the hips. Look for a top that has tassels, ruffles or embellishments.

It is arguable that such an abundance of body types can be overwhelming, but knowing your body shape can be of tremendous benefit when it comes time to build a wardrobe, specifically when it comes to choosing a bathing suit.

There is definitely a bathing suit out there for any and all body types, and knowing which one will work best for you will make your search that much more simple.  

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