You Can Call Me Basic, But You Can’t Call Me Stupid

You think you have me all figured out, don’t you?

I look as predictable as they come. I’m basic. I never put too much effort into my hair and makeup, yet I still spend time trying to seek approval of others. I wear outfits inspired by Pinterest and I certainly have no shame in posting about it on social media.

You’re so used to seeing down-to-earth girls like me and think our innocence and kind hearts will lead us to being gullible. You feel confident in your abilities to manipulate us and you slightly find yourself a tad surprised that it takes a little more effort to crack than the last girl.

You see me as naive, emotional, needy, hopeless, jealous, convenient, dramatic, easy, weak, annoying, a hopeless romantic and an object to use at your disposal.

Girls like me traditionally are people pleasers. And you know that no matter how hard I refuse you that I’ll eventually cave. All it takes for one hint that you’re unimpressed and that you’ll leave, thus watch me crumble in your arms and do whatever you like just to keep you, because I think you want more from me.

You think typical girls like me will wait by my phone all day for your half assed reply and get disappointed when you fail to see the effort for the conversation to continue. You think we leave our schedule clear so you can.

All you want is a booty call, a friend with benefits, a one night stand or someone to use at your beckon call. And all I want is someone who understands that I may be all of those things you listed and many more.

I am typical. I will love you devotedly with my whole heart, will fight for us, and will trust as if I’ve never been hurt before once I know someone is trustworthy. I will absolutely cry my eyes out at the slightest thing, put your needs before mine, and you bet your bottom dollar I will use my words calmly to get an issue resolved.

You can think I’m as typical as it gets, and in a lot of ways I will agree with you. But you can’t think I’m stupid. By this point in my life I’ve seen a lot of guys come and go from my life to have learned my lesson a few times.

Yeah, I’ve made some mistakes and have fallen for the act you commonly portray. Inexperience can affect you, but it also educates you.  I am no longer blind as I once was and my vision will never be that distorted again.

I’ll prove it to you that I’m not as gullible as you think and that I’m as far from typical in some ways. In fact, I think you’re quite typical. And I’ll be sure to prove to you that I’m not the stupid one, you are.

What are you going to do when I prove you wrong and waste your time? Are you going to cry in your bed like you thought I would do over you? No. You’re going to go do it to another girl. And will I care? No. Because you’re only going to go onto the next typical girl you think you see.

Featured image via Chalo Garica on Unsplash


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