National Bagel Day: Thank You Bagels For Making Our Mornings

Have you ever fallen in love with something, not a person, but an inanimate object? It sounds weird, but I certainly have. My love for bagels knows no bounds and bagels hold a special place in my heart. In my eyes, they are THE best breakfast item and my favorite baked good. Don’t believe me? Ask the 202 million Americans who consumed bagels in 2017.

Bagels, much like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Over the years, the bagel has undergone a few facelifts and reinventions (and also perversions of the original), and I have to say that I’m not down for the cause. Whether it’s the overly sweet bagels inspired by our favorite cookie (Oreo bagels) or heavily dyed rainbow bagels, the idea that bagels are now becoming a “trend” to be tampered with really has me feeling some type of way.

The bagel, in its most basic form, the plain bagel, has all the properties of a home run. This raised dough delight can be dressed up with any variety of toppings and spreads. A plain bagel with cream cheese and nova lox on top is a classic combo found at any diner or deli, and a favorite of the Jewish people. 

As the bagel progresses, there are sesame seed bagels, everything seasoning bagels, salt bagels, onion bagels, and poppy seed bagels. These little intricacies of bagel variety give the customer a different experience each and every time. As a connoisseur of bagels, I take my bagel choices and spreads very serious. You don’t want to pair a salt bagel with a whitefish or nova/lox spread. The combination of the salt can actually kill! There’s egg salad and tuna salad to pair with each of these bagels as well. Pairing a bagel with the right spread is an art and requires years of experience.

If you’re looking for a more “alternative” bagel, or you’re craving something sweet for breakfast, there are options for you as well. Whether it be a chocolate chip bagel, cinnamon raisin, or even a blueberry, there are options for everyone. What makes a bagel so great is that at its core, it’s hot, raised dough cooked to perfection (most of the time) and any other additives only enhance its flavor profile.

Be careful about where you get your bagels from though. Purchasing bagels from your local deli or diner is usually the way to go because they may be cooked in house and made with extra care. When you start going to places like Dunkin Donuts or Einstein’s bagels, those bagels are not necessarily made fresh, they can go stale easily and sit on the shelves for days. Being a true New Yorker, I will admit that the best place on planet Earth to get a bagel is New York, and anyone who tells you differently is a straight up liar.

All in all, bagels are the most miraculous form of food, and can really be eaten at any time of day. They can bring a smile to those who have lost a loved one (hello, go sit Shiva after a Jewish funeral and you’ll be eating bagels for a week straight), in need of a boost to their energy after a 5K, and everything in between. Bagels, you are the love of my life and I hope you never change (for the worst at least).

Last but not least here are all the bagel deals for National Bagel Day:

Bantam Bagels: Get 20% off online orders of the mini stuffed bagels Friday at with promo code bagelday.

Barry BagelsBuy one bagel and cream cheese and a regular drink and get a free bagel and cream cheese Friday.

Brooklyn Water Bagel Co.At participating locations, rewards members get a free bagel with cream cheese Friday with a special reward added to their app.

Chompie’sBagel boxes are on sale for $10.99 today and come with 13 bagels and two half pound containers of cream cheese.

Dunkin’ DonutsMembers of the DD Perks loyalty program will get triple points with any bagel purchase Friday, excluding breakfast sandwiches.

Einstein Bros. BagelsNew and existing members of the chain’s Shmear Society get a free bagel with shmear with purchase starting today through Feb. 13.

Manhattan BagelGet a free bagel and cream cheese with any purchase Friday. Also a Baker’s Dozen will be $7 Friday at participating locations.

Noah’s New York BagelsGet a free Shmearful Friday with purchase. No coupon is necessary. Also sign up for the chain’s email club to get a coupon for a free bagel and shmear with any purchase.

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