These #TweetLikeThe2000s Posts Will Give You All Of The Feels

For the past few days, the Twitter-verse has been reminiscing about the ‘good ole’ days of the early 2000s. With the hashtag #TweetLikeThe2000s, people all over the world have been recalling old childhood memories of their favorite tv shows, celebrity crushes, trends and fads. It’s true. The early 2000s were a glorious time when you didn’t really have a care in the world, except for when Hannah Montana had to choose between Jake and Jessie; now that was a stressful time. Below are 14 relatable tweets that will give you awkward flashbacks to junior high and make you laugh about how incredibly weird the early 2000s actually were.

Paying for the internet in the early 2000s was a sin. The costs for internet were almost too much for your parents to handle. So, when you would steal your mom’s flip phone to play tetras, making sure not to click the button for internet or extra games was a vital survival skill to acquire.

Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps, please step aside for the REAL Olympic athletes. The Disney Channel Games were the absolute bomb and this truly was the first time you probably cared about any type of sporting event before. The best part of the competition was to figure out who was on whose team, so you could pick your favorite. If two of your baes were on the different teams, it was definitely a stressful competition for you.

Who are you going to marry? Where will you live? How will you die? What job will you have? What car will you drive? These life questions could all be answered and calm our troubled young teenage hearts by playing mash or simply picking a color. Sometimes, your fate sucked because you got stuck with marrying a gross boy from your class and driving  a toilet on wheels. Other times you got lucky marrying Nick Jonas and living in a mansion in Paris. Just depended on the day (and the friend who made the game) I guess.

Why was getting your fingers run over my the scooters and sitting inside of a balloon canopy so fun? I literally can’t explain it. But I guarantee that it was the best thing to happen to you that day in elementary school.

Who needs technology when you have water, pressure and rings? Forget flappy bird, this game takes real skill!

That’s right. These hoes did smack at lunchtime and they were the absolute shit. Now, don’t lie. You probably spent all of your lunch money on these. But we’d all have to agree that it was totally worth it.

Read the tweet, enough said.

Just admit it, you were absolutely terrified of Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramírez (haha) when he became possessed by the ghost in the Tipton Hotel. Yupp, you totally screamed as louder than Zack and Cody combined.

Ah, the ultimate insult of the early 2000s. Thank you Camp Rock for blessing us with this so we could insult our BFF’s we fought with on the playground. Admit it, you thought you were totally cool when you said this. So you made sure to say it a million other times, just to let all of the coolness sink in.

AWE! Reading Rainbow! Along with all of the other iconic early 2000s TV shows, this one has a special place in our hearts. (Feel free to sing along.) *clears throat* “Take a look, It’s in a book, A reading rainbow”

Some kids dealt drugs in school, others traded funky bracelets. If you had these weirdly shaped bracelets stalked halfway to to your elbows, then you were one cool person in junior high or high school. These were literally the fidget spinners of the early 2000s.

Nothing was better than coming home from school and listening to the Jonas Brothers. Or casually screaming, crying and freaking out to their hit TV show Jonas. Ya know, just a normal weeknight activity.

This was the one time in the school year that you became the boss ass bitch of the classroom. Nobody could mess with you, could get out of hand or even speak without you sealing their fate by writing their name down. You had all of the power and you weren’t afraid to use it.

Just admit it. This was THE hardest decision Hannah Montana EVER had to make! And it had us all stressed!! Are you team Jake or team Jessie? She honestly couldn’t go wrong with either of those two hotties. But nothing could have prepared your young self(who had never “dated” anyone) for this heartbreak.

The early 2000s were a special time in life. Thank goodness Twitter brought back the amazing memories of our favorite TV shows, boys, trends and stress triggers! Comment below what your favorite #TweetLikethe2000s are!

Featured image via “Jonas Brothers love the bear 2006” by mccentral / CC BY-NC-SA


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