7 Fashion Trends From The Late 2000s We’re All Guilty Of Wearing

Remember the days where we spent our recess’ doing the Soulja Boy, and we’d rush home from school to chat with our friends on MSN? Ah, those were the good old days of our early teen years. Glorious times weren’t they? Well, based on these old fashion trends you’ll definitely have even more regrets looking back on the past.

Skate Shoes

Our mothers all rolled their eyes when we begged for a pair and looking back, we now know why. How hideous were the thick tongues and where the hell was the arch support!?

Yoga Pants

Remember when yoga pants became the big thing in  7th or 8th grade and every girl wore them? Of course, they aren’t complete without a massive hoodie, which brings me to my next point.

TNA Anything

I don’t know how this became so popular but it literally took the world by storm. Whether it was the pants that everyone rolled down so that you could see the logo plain and simple, or the vibrant hoodies, you just had to let everyone know you were decked out in TNA.

Cancer Bands

Remember when Lance Armstrong came out with the Livestrong bracelets that raised money for cancer research and then launched a trend that every company took advantage of? I used to have at least 12 per arm.

I <3 Boobies Bracelets

i like boobies. .

How did these become so popular? Well probably because it was the only thing with boobies on it to school. In which most schools started to ban them towards the end of the phase.

Skater Hair

Why did every guy have the shaggy skater hair with the flip at the front? And why did every girl find that so desirable? Probably because Gerard Way had a similar haircut and he was all of our emo crush (who totally owned that style long before Justin Bieber.)

Neckties as Belts

Our older sisters used to wear them around their waists when they were younger, so, thinking we were cool we tried to pull it off too. But we were a few years late for that trend, thank God.

Let’s face it, you cringed multiple times reading this article and prayed everyone else forgot about these horrible trends too. But let’s be real, no one could ever forget about these glorious pieces. Although I don’t think most of these will be making a comeback, so we can all be thankful for that. And despite these horrible trends from my youth… 

Featured image from MTV The Hills


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