Why These Men In Black Are Not Living Up To The ‘Times Up’ Movement

The 75th Annual Golden Globes Award Ceremony brought a new hue to the star-filled red carpet. Stars and starlets dressed in black to support the Times Up Movement, a powerful campaign that is aimed at bringing awareness against sexual harassment. From Reese Witherspoon to Millie Bobby Brown, women and girls in Hollywood embodied the power that this equality crusade warrants through their designer dresses.

But where are the men in all of this? Sure, they may have dressed in black tuxedos and suits, but don’t they do that every single year anyways? For men, wearing the colour black is not a bold fashion choice. Not to say that the intention was not there for most of these men, but unlike the women who attended the event, they did not really speak to the cause.

I think Nicole Kidman said it best – “wow, the power of women.” Female stars at the Golden Globes used their most powerful tool to get the message of the Times Up movement across to audiences around the world – their voices. So, if they are all so powerful, why didn’t the men? In the pre-show specials, there were a few comments about how it is so great that women are standing up for themselves through this movement, but there were no accounts of men taking it upon themselves to address the Times Up campaign and how important it is to shed light on the issue of sexual harassment and discrimination.

When we think of the 75th Golden Globes Ceremony, we can immediately think of five or six actresses at the bare minimum that were faces of the movement – who were real advocates for change. But why is it that I am having a hard time finding a face of an actor to align these same ideas and women’s advocacy with?

Is there some Hollywood man cult that disallows for men to voice their opinions on how women’s advocacy and equality should be acceptable? I know that most actors out there feel on a certain level that these issues are important and legitimate – issues that should in fact be recognized and dealt with. So why doesn’t some big man with all the power open up his mouth and use it to speed up this process of much needed gender equality?

Why, if men believe that they have all this power, do they not use it to help progress women’s rights and advocacy? One cannot have a moral compass, a political agenda and a certain respect to one’s gender and not have them overlap at some point in time. You can’t be the big dog in Hollywood who has 15 nominations but not use that platform to help these actresses whose art you so very much value and respect. Almost every single woman who won a Golden Globe either dedicated her entire speech to or mentioned some part of the Times Up campaign. Why didn’t the men?

Yes, of course there are so many talented actors out there who are amazing human beings and who I am sure support this movement. However, now is not the time for quiet comments and whispers of support. This is the time for a loud and powerful scream of justice – one that can flip the script and change the way our world functions for the better.

So speak up men. Times Up.

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