4 Simple Steps To Keeping The Girl In Your Life

Most of my personal experiences with men have ranged from good to bad, cool to ugly, and just plain old hurtful. With my most recent potential relationship, I have felt the epitome of hot and cold behavior. In a sense, feeling like I’m the most special girl in the world, while also feeling like I’m worthless. 

Maybe worthless is a big word to use, I felt like I didn’t really matter or like he didn’t like me as much. Now, if anyone reading this has anxiety, PTSD from past relationships, or just straight up needs reassurance, you know that even a second of feeling like someone is off or wrong is uncomfortable. 

Here are four ways to keep a girl in your life and make her feel like “the most special girl in the world.” I promise, it’s not that hard. 

1. Listen to her when she speaks. 

Listen and really try to pay attention. Girls love it when you remember things. I always try to listen to everyone who speaks to me, but when I like someone, I make sure to pay attention to every detail. I want to find a solution to all their problems. 

A guy remembering what I say is one of the hottest things. Even if it’s the smallest detail, my eyes light up. 

2. Bring her something when she’s on her period. 

Maybe I’ve romanticized relationship clips on TikTok, but I know that when I’m on my period, I feel like I’m dying 10 times over, while my insides are being eaten by an alien. Bringing me a flower, or even a Hershey’s Kiss, would bring a smile to my face. 

A smile on my face would probably work better than my Advil on most period days. I remember explaining how badly I feel to a potential partner and the only response would be; “I feel so bad, I wish I can help.” Yes, babe. YOU CAN! Even come with a hug. At least it shows you care. 

3. Touch her gently when you can.

This is especially true if her love language is physical touch.Play with her hair. When someone plays with my hair, I feel safe. 

This is realistically what every girl wants in a man, to feel safe. Caress her arms, face, legs, body, at any point that you’re lying down or sitting together. Let her know you’re thinking of her. 

Sneak in kisses, whether it’s on the face or lips. Ugh. I love that… I also think if there’s chemistry, you’ll both feel some static during touch. Whether it’s butterflies or if your heart skips a beat. Trust me, it works. 

4. Be honest with her. 

And I think that’s something that should be done whether you like her or not, or whether you see a future with her or not. Be honest with your intentions. Be honest if you’re scared to have something serious. The most horrible thing any man can do is lie about how he feels and give a girl false hope or string her along. 

I hope this can help some people, whether it be a man who is trying to catch a girl or a girl trying to get a guy who does more than the bare minimum.  Never settle for less, ladies.

Photo by Charly Pn on Unsplash


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