To My Future Self, Please Don’t Disappoint Me

Hi Mimi,

How you’ve been? I hope you are great, happy and doing what you love. Please tell me that you are no longer trapped in a job you hate, feeling miserable and bad about yourself.

First of all, I want to start asking you if you are living the life you want? Are you happy in where you’re at? If you aren’t, run away from what is holding you back. Please, do it and don’t look back.You deserve to be happy.

If you aren’t feeling that way, stop for a second and check your blog and everything you have written on the web, and if you left everything you were doing because of different situations, reopen them just to see what you wanted to do when you were younger, so you can remind yourself the woman that you truly are; the one that is full of life and has big dreams that she wants to achieve.

I hope you still believe in the love story that you’ve always dreamed of. You deserve a love that makes you happy, one that makes you feel powerful like you can conquer anything in this world. One that loves you with your messy hair, your petite body and your weird obsession with the movie La la land. One that doesn’t see you as a fragile girl, and instead, can see you as the most amazing woman ever. A strong, smart and funny one, unique and rare in her own way.

I hope you surround with the people that inspire you and encourage you to become the best version of yourself. There is going to be a lot of boys and girls that are going to call you “friend” but when times get hard, they won’t be there to support you and to help you to overcome the difficult times, but don’t worry, you have a loving family and a group of girlfriends that love you and support you no matter what. Stay close to them.

Life is not a fairytale, but I want you to remember that you are the writer of your own story and that if you are not happy with the chapter that you are living right now, do something about it and start creating one that you genuinely like.

I’ve always believed in you and in the woman that you are now. Your 15-year-old self, your 18-year-old self, and your 22-year-old self have always had high expectations of you, so please, don’t disappoint them.

Before leaving, I want to tell you one last thing and is that everything is going to be fine, just as your daddy says everytime you ask him for advice. Don’t worry, things will work out.

Remember to always dream big.


Your 22-year-old self, Mimi

Featured Image via Unsplash.


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