7 Sexy Gifts To Get For Yourself This Holiday Season

When it comes to Christmas shopping you always are on a grand mission to check every other person on your list off before the big day. And along the chaotic experience you always end up finding at least a dozen things you want and might not even have the heart to ask others for. So this year, why not splurge on yourself for a little bit? You deserve to treat yourself dammit!

Here are a few things you should consider buying yourself this year:

Some Sexy Lingerie

Are you single? No problem. Lingerie doesn’t have to be about wearing it for other people. Women deserve to have some nice clothing for our-damn-selves to enjoy. There’s something about lounging around the house in a silk slip or a fancy bra and panty set.

Bath Products

Splurge on some relaxing bath products to help give you a special night in. You can obviously pick your go-to products or spend some extra money on trying something new you normally wouldn’t buy for yourself. Now is the time to do it!

A Fancy Bottle of Alcohol

Some people like wine, others prefer a huge bottle of vodka or whiskey. Regardless, pick your poison and splurge a little bit. You normally wouldn’t buy this bottle unless it’s a special occasion, but this is an occasion. You’re celebrating you! So treat yourself and have some when you get through the door for fun.

A PJ Set

There is something about a nice set of PJ’s that get you feeling in some kind of mood. Satin makes you feel sexy, flannel make you feel warm and cozy, and a fluffy onesie makes you feel like a big ball of fur. Get yourself a new pair that will help accomplish what you want them too. Plus a lot of stores like Victoria’s Secret, La Senza and Old Navy that have their fan fave pj’s out for a limited time this season so the time is now to buy!

A Sex Toy

Most women have always wanted to try one out or experiment with their bodies but don’t get the kick in the butt they need to get started. So why not now? It’ll help you relax, keep you satisfied and you will not be disappointed in the quality. Now this really is the gift that keeps giving. (For tips on first time buying, click here).


If I treat myself to anything every once in awhile, candles are my go-to! They’re just so peaceful and calming. Plus there are so many brands you can try! Or you could go back to your favourites that you know you’ll love.

A Satin Robe

This past year I splurged on one and I will never regret it. This was easily one of the best purchases I ever invested in and I now have two. They’re so comfy, you can rock them all year long and they can be sexy if you want them to be. They’re the perfect self-loving gift you cannot get enough of. Plus it’s not something you would normally think of to get yourself.

This gift-giving experience is all about you, so go all out. It embraces the self-love you have for yourself and will make a difference in your mood this holiday season. Why not treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t? It’s the perfect time to! And just because you’re treating yourself does not mean you have to be expensive or cheap. You give yourself what you want to! Make this the one holiday tradition you should continue on with!

Featured image via Unsplash


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