8 Helpful Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

We all have moments in our lives where we feel a little down on ourselves and a wave of insecurity overcomes us. Sometimes these moments happen more often with certain people and they have a low self esteem. Although it may sound like a difficult task to try and increase our self love, it’s one of the most rewarding things we can do for ourselves.

These mini exercises you can do every day will help improve your low self-esteem:

  1. Everytime You Walk By A Mirror Tell Yourself “I Look Good.”

Whenever I’m feeling down on myself or am feeling a little less pretty than I normally do my best friend tells me to do this exercise. If you say it enough it will help you discover what everyone else sees. Or if you’re doubting yourself, tell yourself outloud “I can do this.”

Create a Compliment Jar/Wall

For 30 days write down one thing you like about yourself and stick it on your wall or in a jar. And for everytime you feel bad about yourself or doubt your abilities, write another one. After the month is over re-read those notes as much as you need to to help you see the positive,or you can ask different people to do it for you.

3. Write in a Journal

Writing can be as therapeutic as verbally thinking. It’s a safe place to allow you to be open with your struggles in a private way and can give you the opportunity to say what you’re afraid to out loud. Plus you can always look back and reflect.

4. Focus on the Now

Stop putting so much emphasis on things that can’t be changed or are too far in the future where you can’t tell the outcome. Focus on the small changes that can be made or the mini accomplishments that will work for your benefit.

5. Become Aware of the Negativity, But Don’t Dwell on It

When you realize you’re being negative about yourself, acknowledge it and respond on it. When you recognize the negativity it gives you the chance to equally focus on the positivity.

6. Compliment Others

It’s been proven that complimenting others makes you feel better about yourself. I’ve participated in these exercises and they genuinely do help bring out your own confidence and happiness because you see the power of what positive words can do for others.

7. Do Your 3 “I Am’s” Every Morning

Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2 does this exercise with her daughters every morning where they start by saying three things they are in the morning. They could consist of, “I am educated, I am beautiful and I am encouraging.” Recognize the good in yourself!

8. Participate in Life as Much as You Can

Isolating yourself does not do anything good for you unless you are productively relaxing and thinking about your self growth. Participate in activities regardless of what it is so you can be included in life. It helps you meet friends and get social, which also means you won’t be dreading on the negative.

Studies say that 7 in 10 women have some kind of a low self esteem problem and 90% of adult women have something they wish they could change. Let’s break free out of those statistics and ensure that our future daughters will never have to go through this like we have. Let’s encourage each other to promote positivity and embrace ourselves for the lovely women we are.

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