A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Politically Involved

There is a lot of political change happening in our country. The air is charged with voices standing up against hate and discrimination and striving to make a difference. Recent elections saw amazing wins for the LGBTQ community, which is great to see amidst all of the political turmoil!

In the days leading up to the election, I saw a lot of people stressing the importance of voting as one of the ways those of us who are not politicians can strive to make a difference and become better political allies. Indeed, this is true! Yet, there are so many other ways to do this on a day-to-day basis that you may not even realize. Here’s your one-stop shop for how to have more of a voice in politics.

Contact Your Representatives

One of the best ways you can have a voice in political issues is by contacting your representatives at the local, state and national level. Even if it may feel sometimes like no one is listening, they are! Do your research to find representatives who have a say in causes that are important to you, and especially those who are known for being particularly responsive to public sentiment. Politicians are elected to serve their people — their job is to listen to public sentiment and try to meet public demands so they have a better chance of getting re-elected in the future.

Plan or Attend an Event

Planning a political event can seem like a doozy, but the amount of inspirational marches and peaceful protests that have gone on in the past year or so is remarkable. It is do-able! Even if it’s just a small event, you can rally people in your area and unite them around a shared cause.

The internet provides us with endless possibilities in this arena — simply starting a Facebook group or contacting a local news source can get things moving in the right direction! You can also make a difference by checking out what events are going on in your area and planning to attend or even just connecting with the people involved for future endeavors.

Vote, Vote, Vote!

As we mentioned, voting has passed for the 2017 special elections in the U.S. However, congressional elections will take place in 2018. These elections are huge and will play a significant role in determining the future of our country’s policies. Start doing your research early — learn all that you can about the issues at stake, the potential candidates, and the process of registering to vote so that you can be ready when the time comes.


If nothing else, you can always choose to donate your time and/or money to organizations that are making change in areas that are meaningful to you. Don’t know where to start? Organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Human Rights Campaign are all working to stop the spread of hatred and advance causes like LGBTQ acceptance. You can donate to these organizations and even volunteer or work with them. Additionally, some of them even offer fun, pro-love merchandise, so your buck goes toward a good cause and you get something fun in return!

Do Your Research

No matter what political issue you’re passionate about, do your research! There are way more opportunities out there to get involved than you probably think. And most of the time, they’re closer to home than you would even believe! If nothing else, finding like-minded people in your area is always something to smile about.

Many of us try to avoid politics, and that’s okay, but the truth is that politics affect all of us on some level, and becoming more politically aware is always a noble cause. Find the organizations and people who believe in the things you do and reach out to them. Actions speak louder than words, but every voice counts! Make your voice heard wherever you can.

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