To The Friends Who Have Always Been There

Throughout our lives, most of us had friendships that were constantly changing. The people we hung out with in elementary school didn’t always end up being the same people we hung out with in high school. After going to college, some people were lucky to keep their high school friends too. I was lucky enough to keep a friend from middle school, a friend from high school, and a friend from college that help me through anything and everything.

These are the friends that you can stop talking to for months and pick up exactly where you left off. They know everything about you, including your flaws. They are the friends that pick you up at your worst moments, but tell you when you’re wrong too. They don’t judge you by the things you said when you were mad, only by the apology that followed it. They are the friends that understand when you’re having a bad day and know just what will cheer you up. Most importantly, they are the friends that will be there no matter what time of day, no matter how busy they might be, and no matter how early they need to be up the next day, they choose to be there because they know you would be for them too. Of course friendships have their ups and downs, but it’s the friends that can put those times aside that you will have for a lifetime.

I know I might not say thank you often enough and I don’t always take the time to say how much my friends mean to me, but here’s six “thank you” moments for each of you. These are the times that define our friendships.

To my middle school best friend:

  1. Thank you for sharing loaded fries with me at Jay’s for every hockey game.
  2. Thank you for always trading hoodies with me when we got tired of wearing the same ones.
  3. Thank you for taking endless amounts of pictures every time you stayed over my house.
  4. Thank you for learning dances with me that made us laugh until we cried.
  5. Thank you for the countless memories and still calling me your sister after all these years.
  6. Thank you for always being here for me and never letting time apart or our differences come between our friendship.

To my high school best friend:

  1. Thank you for the endless trips to Duquesne in little race car.
  2. Thank you for dealing with my caffeine rush when I drank Monster and still buying them for me when I was having a bad day.
  3. Thank you for always making me buffalo chicken dip every chance you can because you know yours is my absolute favorite.
  4. Thank you for never missing my birthday even on times you weren’t able to stay, you always stopped over to see me.
  5. Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams even when they seem impossible sometimes.
  6. Thank you for sticking by my side all these years and letting me stand next to you on one of your biggest days.

To my college best friend:

  1. Thank you for staying up till 7 in the morning with me when I wanted McDonald’s breakfast.
  2. Thank you for always being ready to go anywhere and everywhere with me as soon as I call.
  3. Thank you for going to Old Main with me because you knew how much it meant to me.
  4. Thank you for always trying to help me with my film projects throughout school.
  5. Thank you for always believing in me and my future.
  6. Thank you for knowing me so well that I don’t have to explain what I’m thinking, you always know.

Our friends get us through some of the best times and some of the hardest times throughout our lives. Just make sure to thank them every chance you can.

Featured image via Elly Fairytale on Pexels


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