Why I Never Skip A Trip To The Mailbox

This might sound a little crazy coming from a millennial, but I love traditional mail. Aside from the junk mail and the irrelevant advertisements, receiving actual letters on actual paper is the most heartwarming experience I’ve ever felt; and it happens again and again with the right friendships.

Writing letters feels almost as amazing as receiving them. The creative release that comes with writing a letter is so much more interesting than writing a text or a blog post. You know someone might be reading your letter soon, and once it’s out on paper, the feelings you might’ve been holding inside are now out in the world. Similar to journaling, writing letters can really help you express yourself.

If you haven’t written any letters lately, stop by your local post office to really surprise yourself. Seriously. There are new and improved ways to send snail mail like never before. I walked in just yesterday and was dazzled by the latest collection of Halloween and Disney Villain stamp collection. There’s something oddly satisfying by slapping on a more personalized stamp on a handwritten letter.

Keeping up long distance relationships – friends, family, or lovers – can seriously be so liberating. Getting those cute little decorated letters from around the country, or even around the world can really brighten up anyone’s day.

There is absolutely nothing better than coming home from a long day to a handwritten letter from your long distance bestie. The next best thing is probably relieving some stress with some letter crafting. If you’re super creative, you can use these watercolor pens to turn cardstock into gorgeous works of art. Super personal and totally Insta-worthy. Or you can destress with these color-your-own greeting cards.   

There are so many people out there who have never sent a piece of mail since elementary school projects made them, and if you’re one of those people, listen up! Not having a destination is no excuse. Write yourself a letter, about your current fears, hopes, goals, and dreams. Write yourself a letter to open when you’re sad. Or you can always write them for your friends and family for special occasions. Imagine your little sister opening a letter on her wedding day that you write five years before – oh the tears!

Collaboration with Cassandra Vella

Featured Image via Pexels


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