4 Tips For Tackling Indecision Like The Badass Decision Maker That You Are

Ever feel that unnerving pain in your stomach because you can’t decide? Don’t feel bad. We all experience indecisiveness at least once in our lives. However, there are those who are just the masters of indecisiveness who struggle with even the most mundane and straightforward decisions. When we always want everything to be just right and perfect, it can make choosing the best option nearly impossible and result in severe anxiety. Adding stress to your life because you can’t decide what to have for dinner is not a healthy way to live. Here are just a few ways all of us can learn to make decisions without feeling guilty, anxious or stressed.

Get  Confident In Your Ability To Make A Choice

Anxiety about making choices comes about when we are just not confident in our own ability, knowledge or experience. We just lack trust in ourselves to make the correct choice. When we feel under pressure, we imagine ourselves incapable of making the right decision. However, that is simply not the case. In fact, the reality is that we all have our own unique and valuable life experiences and knowledge to allow us to make a decision. While this is all easier said than done, learning how to reassure yourself that you have the capabilities of making right choices in your life requires daily practice. As a result, reciting a daily mantra can be all it takes to help your inner self-trust your decision-making skills.

Get Comfortable With Leaving Your Comfort Zone

While this may sound like some crazy oxymoron, the reality is that anxiety can easily be triggered when we think we will lose a familiar, or safe, feeling. Becoming uncertain of what will happen next can completely make us inept to make a solid decision. In fact, thinking about the consequences of making a decision can easily take us out of our comfort zone. Indecision happens because it can feel much better not to make a decision and stay in that comfortable zone. However, while it feels safer to avoid making a decision like a plague, life is constantly changing. Without change, we can’t learn or grow as people. As a result, while it can be terribly scary to let go of anything comfortable and accept an uncertain future, everyone can do so. All it takes is the willingness to let go.

Accept That You Are Imperfect

Perfectionism can be quite harmful if you let it control your life. In fact, when it comes to being indecisive, having the desire always to make the right decision can stop you dead in your tracks. Decision anxiety comes about when we want everything we do and the choices we make to be perfect. But what exactly is perfection? What is perfect to you may not be the same perfect standard for someone else. The reality is that we must trust ourselves to make decisions from a safe place with the information available to us at the time. Does that mean that everything will be perfect? Absolutely not. Life is messy. It has its ups and downs, and we need to make some bad decisions so that we can easily learn from our mistakes and grow as individuals to become the best version of ourselves.

Stop Being A People Pleaser

This all-too-common character trait can quickly make you an indecisive person. However, hoping always to please every single individual can not only be incredibly exhausting, but it can also breed anxiety. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a sensitive, kind, and thoughtful person, wanting everyone to be happy at all times is just impossible. Letting go of that desire can set you free and allow to make decisions a lot easier. It can be easy to think that making decisions without considering others is a selfish act, but it’s not. If you aren’t happy with the decisions you are making because you are constantly trying to please everyone else but yourself, you will end up with a ton of resentment over the decisions that you have already made. In fact, learning to feel stronger and safer about being a little selfish with your choices can be a great way to help yourself feel better with your life.

In the end, being unsure of our ability to make decisions is not a healthy way to live. Constantly having anxiety over making a simple choice can leave you completely stressed out and stuck in your life. As a result, take these tips to help you get over your fear and tackle those decisions like the champ that you are!

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