Lights Just Dropped Her New Album And She Killed It

If you are a Lights fan like me, then you have been desperately awaiting the arrival of Skin and Earth to hit the stores. And of course, as soon as September 22nd came, you went to your local CD store to purchase the album. This is one of the first things I did today, and as soon as I got home, I popped that baby into my CD player and was transported into Light’s world of music.

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Like any artist, there are songs I enjoy while there are some that I don’t; however, with Skin and Earth, I found myself enjoying every chapter and feeling connected with the song. Lights did a good job of incorporating a variety of fun, upbeat songs, and slower, more relaxed ones. So there is a nice range for whoever is listening to be taken through what feels like a musical journey.

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One of my favorite songs on the new album is “New Fears.” This song is the one I find the most powerful on the new album. The song is about being empowered enough to take care of someone else who is important, and using your fears to help motivate you and keep you strong. I really like this message and the instrumental portion is written powerfully to help convey this message.

Other great pieces from the new list include “Savage,” which is a bad ass song about a man turning into essentially a douche-bag, and how this surprised her since she was happy with what they had. Another great piece is “Skydiving” which is a more positive song about how someone is making her feel like she is flying, so she doesn’t want to slow down or stop.

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Overall, the album has a great list of songs that people are bound to enjoy listening to, and I honestly think it is some of her best work yet. Lights have definitely taken her music into a different direction from where she started out with “Saviour” and “Toes,” but I think this is a good change because her music might reach a larger audience with this move.

Congrats Lights, you make us Canadians very proud!

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