9 Things You Should Feel Comfortable Saying In Your 20s

More times than not, we may find ourselves keeping our mouths shut during times of conflict or anything really that reflects a negative self-worth. We deny ourselves many things in order to avoid the uneasy pit in our stomachs; our dignity comes first, so we take the safe route. But, in my 21 years of living, I’ve learned that this isn’t the way to live. I want to break through, and you should too. Here are 9 things we should all be able to scream from the rooftops in our 20s:

1. “I left people behind.”

As we know, people come and go from our lives, and we should be able to come and go confidently from theirs too. We should be brave enough to leave people who no longer better our lives. Say it loud and proud that you are no longer serving them and know when to leave.

  1. “I feel lost.”

We are all castaways in this battlefield called life. Don’t be afraid to confess that being confused and lost are two really common things and it’s totally okay. You’re making progress each day by learning how to be mature, and how not to take things harshly. Change can be scary, but it can also be amazing.

3. “I am not okay.”

People have to know that we are actually not okay and although sometimes we fake smiles to get through the day, we need social support and that is normal. Say it out loud if you need somebody just to listen to your cheesy story or a Netflix buddy on rainy days..

4. “I love you so damn much.”

Dear a guy (who suddenly just popped up in your mind), we love you so damn much. But we are too coward to say it out loud because we are afraid of your rejection. There is no time for cowardliness in your 20s, say how you feel and let fate decide the rest.

  1.  “I hate you.”

This one is necessary when cutting toxic people from your life. You’ll  avoid unimportant dramas, especially with those cliques who only like to gossiping around and talking about other people behind their backs. Tell them to get a life, and move away from all that negativity, because you are so much better than that.

  1.  “I’m afraid of what will happen in the future.”

You sometimes need reassurance that things will work out fine, and it’s okay to turn to your loved ones for that confirmation. After that, you will get some advice, so listen carefully to those who have been through similar things.

  1.  “I have changed, and I am proud of it.”

There is nothing wrong with changes. Work toward changes that you feel will help you become a better person, and be proud of who you become.

  1.  “I miss my mom, and I missed being a kid.”

Everybody does. Being in your 20s means a transition from a free-fun adolescent into a nightmare ‘adulting’ stage. Living by ourselves is stressful, indeed, but we will get used to it as soon we accept it without losing touch with our youthful sides.

  1.  “The thought of getting married and finding a perfect career (still) terrifies me.”

We don’t have to be pretend and deny on this statement, because yes, everyone in their 20s has fears. Getting married and find a perfect job are big life changing experiences and we all know that it requires hard work. If you admit that you are terrified, it’s easier to make a plan for yourself and conquer your goals with the help of those around you.

After all, everything that we admit will give us strength and help to accept help from those around us. You are struggling in your 20s, but we all are and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Stay true to who you are and let the world know it; we are our own savior.

Featured image via Persnickety Prints on Unsplash


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