How To Rock Fall Fashion Even If It’s Still Hot Outside

Happy first day of Autumn everyone! Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. But because of the heat, the fashion isn’t always the most glamorous, since we usually settle on a pair of Daisy Duke’s and a fancy tank top in order to stay cool and look somewhat cute. Fall is definitely the best time of year for fashion but every year we face the dilemma of what to do during the strange seasonal transition.

The change of seasons means a change in the weather. Let’s face it, it absolutely sucks trying to pick an outfit when you don’t know what the day holds. It’s brisk in the morning when you leave for your day, and by 11 you’re sweating like a ham in an oven wrapped in lamb’s wool. Here are some of my easy tips on how to dress for the awkward temperature change.

  1. Slowly Switch Your Closet Over

I have bins in my basement where I keep the clothes I don’t wear from another season. What I like to do is take a few of my summer clothes that I know I won’t wear much more out of my closet  and put them away first. That way I have extra room in my closet for some warmer choices to be brought out from storage. As time goes on, start taking the pieces you haven’t been wearing and put them away, then start putting more fall clothes out on your hangers.

  1. Flats For Your Feet

Just because it’s time to get rid of your flippie floppies does not mean it’s time to go into boot mode. Boots look cute, but they feel like death when you’re too hot in them. Flats still look cute enough to wear with shorts or a dress, and they look great with a pair of jeans and a sweater. Once your feet start getting too cold when you’re outside, that’s when you can bust out your boots!

  1. Love Your Leather

It sounds a lot worse when you think about wearing leather in the heat. But you can still wear a cute summer dress; the leather jacket just adds some edge to it! And you can take it off during the day when it gets warmer.

  1. Accessorize

I don’t know about you guys but I have a scarf obsession, and I cannot be tamed. So why not take this time to use some of the lighter scarves you may have and add them to our wardrobe? You can easily wear a dress and a blazer, and add a scarf to it. It makes you feel more in the mood for fall but you will be comfortable with the weather.

Take your time and enjoy the beautiful transition even though it feels impossible to be happy with the weather. Before we know it, it’ll be snowing in November and winter will have come in full force. Good luck and enjoy the pumpkin spice lattes.

Featured image via Jose Martinez on Unsplash


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