How Los Angeles Can Capture Your Heart In One Second

I remember the day my love story started. It began on October 31st of 2015. After that day, my life changed.

I got on a plane, excited to go to a new place with my family, but little did I know that by the time the plane landed, my life was going to change forever.

I got there at 2 p.m., waited a few minutes for my family and our ride, and then, the fairytale started.

Our first stop was Hollywood Boulevard on Halloween night, and there, in the middle of thousands of people walking with their crazy costumes, I realized that LA had captured my heart.

There is something about the streets, the sunsets, the palm trees and the air that makes my heart melt every time I think of the City of Angels.

The view from the Griffith Observatory at night, the lights from downtown, the small shrimp taco restaurant from Sunset Boulevard and the cute little coffee shop close to Los Feliz are everyday things for some people, but for me, are the places where I felt alive.

I often hear people asking why I don’t book a flight to another city or to another country, and why I always go to the same place, but my answer is always the same: Los Angeles is where my heart is. There is where I feel like I’m home.

Besides the fact that I love the city, one thing that not everyone knows is that LA gave my family and me, the chance to become even closer than we were.

I’ve always been someone who cares about family, and that’s why I’m thankful for the opportunity of spending, each year, around 18 days with them, on the most magical place on earth for me.

While we were driving through Vine or around Venice Beach, we shared endless laughs and jokes. We enjoyed small things that normally we would hate, like being stuck in the LA traffic or being extra hungry. On those days, for three consecutive years, we became genuine friends.

Now that we are back, one part of me is sad, because I miss the magic of my city of angels every day. I miss waking up and staring at the balcony, while I’m having English muffins with blueberry cheese for breakfast. My heart aches for our trips to Santa Monica and Long Beach and the views from all the buildings at night, but the other part of me is happy, because deep inside, I know that with a little effort and patience, I’ll be back to the place that I call home.

Photo by Roberto Nickson (@g) on Unsplash


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