Why You Shouldn’t Let Negativity Wear You Down

While growing up, many people are told that bullies will grow out of their phases, the victims will grow out of their pain, and everything will “be normal.” But in a lot of cases, those bullies were bullied at some point, and those victims struggle to see the good in new people throughout their life. But after all the mass shootings and live-streamed violence, these simple acts of bullying and violence that were once shoved under the rug is treated a little more harshly.

We’re not here to talk about the changes between bullying over the years, but we are here to reach out to anyone who’s ever felt negativity creep up inside. It may seem way easier said than done when it comes to blocking out hate messages or general negativity. But sometimes something as simple as a bad pun can help get you on the right path. After all who doesn’t smirk a tiny bit at silly jokes? Here try this one: “everyone said to Vincent van Gogh, ‘You can’t be a great painter, you only have one ear.’ And do you know what van Gogh responded? I can’t hear you.”

No matter how rough things get, we all just have to remember how a smile takes way less muscle strength than a frown and laughing is always the best medicine. Not only is smiling easier, it’s also best for your overall health. Negativity is known to bring on stress which can have a major effect on your way of living. The combination of the two can lead to more health problems in one’s lifetime.

One common example of some lasting physical effects from stress is stomach problems which have been seen more in millennials than any other generation. Believe it or not, that acid reflux that you thought developed from drinking too much or eating the wrong foods in college, may actually be from stress and negativity in your life. This generation is asked to meet much higher expectations than their parents were in their day. Their parents were able to go to school, get a job directly after school, get married, buy a house, have kids, and start building a future by the time they were 24 and 25 years old, sometimes even younger. Millennials are now seeking master’s degrees and other forms of getting themselves noticed just to get a decent paycheck to start a living.

What holds us back is our negativity. Of course, we are going to have it because of how difficult times are becoming for this generation. It’s hard to say how we feel without making another person upset anymore. It’s hard to obtain that 9-5 job right after school anymore. A lot of us are even still living at home just so we can save up to possibly get a place of our own sometime soon. Yes, we have it harder in some cases. However, if you can stop for even ten minutes each day to ask yourself, “what’s good about the day” rather than only seeing the bad you, will automatically feel better.

We all need time to ourselves and time to clear our mind. When you get rid of negative energy and fill your mind with the positives instead, your outlook on each day will be brand new. Each day will bring you something good because you’re searching for something good.

Don’t let negativity hold you back from your life or make your life harder by getting health problems at a young age. Start by cleaning out your room or office of old things that bring up negative memories or feelings. Out with the old, in with the new. You’ll thank yourself for the positive change later when you realize how much more energy and happiness you bring into your life.

Collaboration with Cassandra Vella 

Featured Image via weheartit.


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