This “Men’s Rights” Group Wants To Make Rape Legal

Sexual harassment is not something to take lightly. There are women, and men, every day, scared to go out in public, because of sexual harassment that has scarred them. I know I’m not alone in saying there are certain cities that I refuse to step foot in, or areas that I avoid. I once quit my job because a man who had molested me stopped in to say ‘hi’ to me, and knew I was working there. Why? Because rape is a really big deal.


However, Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh shares a very different opinion. Roosh V is a misogynistic blogger who has taken it upon himself to “make rape legal”.

I’m sorry, what?

He has called his followers to arms, figuratively, telling them that they shouldn’t hide who they are any more out of fear of retaliation. He has set up 165 events over 43 countries for the same time this coming Saturday, February 6th. Women and members of the LGBTQ community have been banned from these events.


He is arguing that “by attempting to teach men not to rape, what we have actually done is teach women not to care about being raped, not to prevent themselves from easily preventable acts, and not take responsibility for their actions.” He says that rape should be made legal, as long as it is done on private property.

However, he even SAYS that rape is violent. “I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds.”

I’m sorry, Roosh, but can you hear yourself? Do you understand how sick you sound?

One of these “meetings” is taking place in the city I live in, minutes from where many people I care about live. This makes me uncomfortable. Women are already terrified to leave their homes. And now what you’re proposing is for women to be terrified even when we are home?


This is absolutely disgusting, and terrifying. I absolutely do not support this, and I think that women deserve to feel safe. This does not make us feel safe.

For a full list of locations of where these heinous meetings will be taking place this Saturday, click here.

UPDATE: Roosh V announces canceling of events this weekend due to safety concerns.

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  1. I am a female who believes girls should be treated as equals. So does this “rape law” fall for gay men too? What if gay men who love men so much so happen to invite their straight friend (YOU) over and rape you on their property? Why should it only be for girls? So you can trick multiple girls into coming over to your property and raping her but claiming it’s okay since it’s legal? This will never be legalized and no girl will stand for it to be (no HUMAN will.) The only thing you’re advocating is sick thoughts into others heads that will provoke them to do something horrible (and putting them in jail.) If anything you should be locked up for exposing such a sick idea.

    • If thats what you have to say about this article that gay men should be raped too then youre as ignorant amd small minded as the stupid fuck that wrote the article

      • I don’t think that is what the comment is saying. The group is specifying that the rape should only be committed upon women. However, if they really wanted to make rape legal on private property, then that would allow this group of terrible people to also be raped by other men. They would most likely not like this.

      • What she is saying is that in keeping with mr. Pro rape’s line of thinking, we need him and those like him to step into a trap on private property, get restrained, and take one up the rear by force, and tell him he has no right to any protection because it happened on private property. Straight men RAPE MEN TOO. READ up on Military male rape. It’s a devastating problem. She is saying that it is no more acceptable for her men to rape women as it for Man Rapers to get a free pass, but if this ass had the “shoe on the other foot” he’d shut up.

    • This is literally what I just said…still sick and twisted, but I wonder if he would consider that under his original premise…

  2. Are people actually worried about this clown? He’ll probably end up being raped in prison when he inevitably goes there.

      • As a feminist, no uterus no opinion is a STUPID slogan. Way to promote misogyny, instead of fight against it.

      • Wait so females that have had a full hysterectomy don’t get to have an opinion either? Next time think before you type.

      • You are a big part of the problem. So you were hatched?? You don’t have a mother you would defend?? No sisters, no grandmother, no girl friend, no aunts, no female buddies…??

  3. You are all fucking pansies. There is a group of assholes publically meeting to discuss raping women and making it legal…you know exactly where and when its happening…its like terrorists telling us where they are going to plan the next big thing…and you’re all scared? Go in force with 100 women full of cameras, put all their faces on blast, protest, bring mace, knives, guns, hell, it’s Carolina right? Where are all the ropes to hang them from? Posts like this with tweets and mindless jargon piss me off. Grow up, become the human beings you were when you swung axes and solved problems with common sense instead of swarming my feed with useless fear and propaganda about stupidity. If he or they are a problem, get rid of them. America has been doing this for centuries…get with the program. This post can go straight up everyones ass who can’t handle small minded ideas. This is why aliens don’t talk to us. This better be responded with pics of the meeting on fire, or a hanging rapist…otherwise you can go bother poisonous reptiles.

    • Wow, we’re all fucking pansies? Do you know what its like to even walk outside and be afraid that someone will do something to you because no matter how much self defense we have, men can over power us because that’s just how it is, men will always be stronger than women unless its a puny guy or something. It’s so easy for you to say this because that’s how men work. They think women are so whiny and scared, but we have every reason to be even with something like this that might not even be real, but the fact that it’s even a possibility is sickening. So you can shove your idiotic opinion of the female race being fucking “pansies” because I’m sure you would be too if you had any chance of getting your rights stripped away and being violated but not being able to do anything about it because it might become “legal”. We are not murderers who can just do what you say we should because you think that will sovle the problem.

      • Why should it be a group of women? Where are all the decent men and law enforcement officers protecting women and children? You think that these pricks would only rape women? Your daughters/ children will be targeted.
        Get your group of men together and protect us.
        We are not pansies, we are women. And right now, we are in need of protection. Your daughter will thank you.

    • I have to agree with the women who have replied to your comment of them being “pansies.” I have a daughter who would grow up into the laws if it were to become legal, I’d rather be the man protecting my daughter and other women from rape rather than sit by and let them try and handle it themselves. It’s 2016, It’s a time of equality. Any decent man should be standing beside these woman and standing up for their rights as much as we stand up for ours.

      • Maybe I misread his comment, but I interpreted it as him calling EVERYONE (regardless of gender) pansies for not doing anything about these guys, regardless of whether your genitals are an innie or and outtie. If you knew the meeting time and location of a group of pedophiles, for example, you might feel compelled to introduce those fellas to your cousin Slugger from Louisville. Men AND women should be going on dates together to hunt the rapists. The couple that slays rapists together, stays together.

  4. What a prick. But if you really want to feel safe the best thing you can do is learn self defense. It doesn’t matter how many laws or aware,was campaigns you start. The human condition cannot be cured. Exercise your second amendment ladies. Then the tables will turn on who gets the “learning experience”.

    • I am just… WHAT?
      I am not trying to assume gender, but by the name “Garret” I think you are a man. We need to educate our men better, not teach women that its NORMAL for us to be scared and they have to do something, not have the men change. You seem like the kind of person who would react to rape saying “Oh well, boys will be boys.” We need to teach our men and boys better, not teach women to be afraid. And also… How is sexual harassment/rape “human condition?” I understand people with severe mental health problems, but that kind of stuff is taught. I am in no way saying that all men are bad, and all girls are always victims. this is just my opinion and I hope somebody learned something from this.

  5. Went to a meeting. He doesn’t approve about rape at ALL. It’s just a way to keep women and all non-straight men away from the discussion of secrets to successful dating. Kind of a bizarre and seemingly devious way to filter out certain sex oriented people but yep, no actual talk of pro-rape or legalization of.

    • Successful dating? Successful dating does not involve cons and deception -_-
      He has posted multiple private property-rape manifestos. How is he not in favor of rape or legal rape?

    • My good man, do you really think that pro-rape slogans will repell gay men instead of actively attracting them? I’m speaking of the tops, of course 😉

  6. Why do you title them as a “Men’s Rights” group?

    I don’t think they call themselves that, nor are they supported by actual Men’s Rights groups. So please don’t slander the latter by false association.

    From what I’ve heard, Roosh and his fellow creeps call themselves “pickup artists”, which is a completely different subculture.

  7. The person that wrote this is a total fucktard! Gtfoh! Seriously noone should be raped it should stay illegal like its been doing. As for anyone that agrees with this post your a fucktard too rant over!

    • Are you kidding did you even read the post? She is warning everyone about this disgusting group and shaming that this is even a thing. Maybe you should read before you bash people online behind a hidden identity.

  8. I really think gabe has a good point. There are BY FAR more people against this rape thing than people for it. So, power in numbers! Show up at their rally points the exact same time with 4x the people. Carry your mace, take self defense lessons and carry a camera in case things hit the fan. And I guaranteed that a large gathering of men for rape combined with an even larger gathering of women against rape won’t go unnoticed by the local police force…..who will totally be standing behind the women on this topic. So, teach these sickos to never speak up in public again. And let them know that since they have become public they have made finding rape victims even more difficult and dangerous for themselves because women all over the US (and their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, friends etc.) are now more aware and prepared to protect themselves.
    Even if you are scared, don’t act it! Any potential of being a rape victim is substantially increased if you show your scared. Don’t put yourself in bad situations with no exits. Look any threatening guy in the face with the determination to do whatever it takes to stay safe. Pull a knife out and tell him to “fuck off!” I don’t mean to be graphic but in that kind of scenario a guy is a lot more likely to go back home to his rape porn than risk getting his junk stabbed or cut off.
    People that are pro-rape are power hungry cowards anyways. Don’t be scare despite how easily justifiable it is to be scared. Being scared gives these men power.
    It’s a similar situation with public shooters. If a shooter knows that everyone will be submissive, beg for their lives and run away in fear, that fuels their drive. But if a shooter knows that opposition from 500 students await him on the other side of of the school’s front doors, he’s probably gonna back out.
    So, again, i think gabe has a good point. Whoever makes the larger public display wins. Who is gonna scare the other group into quiet, fearful submission? The ball is in our (anti-rape) court.

  9. Let’s set this a-hole on fire…. give him a learning experience. He should appreciate it if we let him live after…. Death would be to good for this sick prick. period.

    • No no, do it right.

      First we push to LEGALIZE setting this a-hole on fire.


      Always cross your i’s and dot your t’s!

  10. You are all fucking idiots, taking Roosh’s words completely out of context because you want SOOO badly for there to be a white male rapist. This is a non-story of epic proportions. How about you idiots in the UK kick out the rape gangs and worry about REAL rapists before crying about this guy.

  11. Pro-rape? If that’s the case then I will find a few extremely large objects to penetrate them without their consent. After all isn’t that what these pro-rape groups are wanting.

  12. Okay saying that making rape illegal makes it where women do not care about rape, and do not protect themselves, and do not “take responsibility for their actions”, therefore rape should be legalized is so messed up. So what he is saying is that when a woman is raped it is her fault? This is as messed up as legalizing child abuse. Rape is abuse, it is never an abuse victims fault.

  13. Could you PLEASE not associate this with a “Mens Rights” movement? I’m here to say that if any piece of #$@! raped anyone in my family for daring to go on to their property under the assumption of trust, *I* would then go on to their private property and make sure they were strewn in equal proportions across its entirety. #OnemoreMaleGenderEgalitarianagainststupidassholes

  14. i don’t care to discuss this intellectually i don’t care to discuss this as a debate or to prove my intelligence by going about talking to someone who thinks this is right in a polite manner. Im a young man and this is disgusting and if i see this sleezy looking fuck i will take the assault charge and really anyone who backs this is going to get cussed out and possible assaulted to. thats how it is and thats how its gana be. i don’t give a fuck.

    loosers are the people supporting this, this must be a joke. because if i walked by this event all hell would break loose i don’t care.

    • Maybe when you die, you will be brought into a world where you are a woman, and everyone else is a horny immortal male.

  15. this guy is the dumbest motherfucker ever, out of all the things we have tried to get legalized and this fuckstick is trying to get rape legalized.

  16. If the feminists truly wanted equality they would simply defend themselves instead of crying for sympathy. You c-nts wanted equality then take responsibility like men have to. No one cries for men in prison where rape occurs 5 times above the average for pampered females in the West. Dumb women think they run the world but guess what! Elite men have allowed it for their own purposes.

  17. Women are mentally and emotionally equivalent to children. They need to be relegated back to being property. The experiment of women’s suffrage needs to be killed, it’s an obvious failure.

  18. This is sad to see people at such low levels dividing themselves… make pocket knife castration legal… if that little wrinkly thing is close enough to get cut off then they deserved it… and he should be the first pro rape victim.

  19. No no no … real men don’t act this way. We don’t want to rape you. Hell, we don’t even want to ask you out, talk to you, or make eye contact. What we want is for you to go away. Please get over yourselves.

  20. Constant saturation in this since earliest years. Tired of it. Battling the hatred creeping up in me always. I dont want to hate men.


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