What I Wish I Heard As A Fresh Millennial Graduate

Congratulations. Right now you’re getting your degree and officially unemployed. You are excited to achieving those career goals, finding and pursuing your passion, or maybe, just like the rest of us, feeling lost. You have so many possibilities and options ahead of you, and you know that you can do whatever you want. You are the idealist one who wants to make money by doing the things you love; being passionate is your core value and getting a decent job is not enough.

For fresh millennial graduates, a decent job is not sufficient, because that’s boring and everyone does the same.

You want a decent job with some challenging problems which can actualize your skills and maximize your potentials. You want a job which makes you feel excited every morning. Ideally, your job gives you the opportunity to realize that you don’t need any vacations to escape the reality. You want a job which makes you feel happy as a human being just because you make an impact towards the society.

You want a job in a company which has the value of work-life balance; because you know that your social life is as important as making money. You want a job which makes you feel proud when somebody asks what you’re doing in life. You want a job which reflects your passion because you realize that everyone could get a job, but not many people have found their passion.

You have that high standard of life goals and being in the post graduate period is exciting but confusing at the same time. You start looking for that ideal job and making some backup plans in case you don’t get your dream job. Not to mention how intimidated you are because of those LinkedIn updates of your friends who get better jobs than you did. Your life starts to be a racing game where everyone is competing with each other regarding career and life paths.

To be a fresh millennial graduate is not easy because being smart is not enough, you have to be outstanding to survive.

Little do you know, you tend to forget that you still have plenty of time. You have the rest of your life to figure out your passion, goals, and career. Don’t push yourself too hard because a success story doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t change yourself in just one night, only because the world doesn’t work that way. All you need is a process, so be patient.

I know that you don’t want to make mistakes because you don’t want to regret anything in your life. But, please also understand that being in the post graduate period is actually your perfect time to make mistakes. Discover each corner of your life, confront challenges, explore yourself, and experience new things. This is a new phase in your life which allows you to fail and get back again, again, and again.

Right now, if you’re feeling lost, confused, or in doubt about yourself; embrace it. Take a deep breath and acknowledge that your confusion is normal, because who doesn’t? Everyone is as confused as you are and people just pretend that they know what they’re doing. The truth is, everyone is as struggling as you are and just be focused in your life instead of comparing it with others.

In the end, you want to take some time to relax simply. Remember that although the world is changing and you were born in the generation where you need to compete as hard as you possibly can, what’s meant for you will not pass you by. Just find the strength within yourself to rise above the negative thoughts. You have your own time zone, and you are just where you need to be. Breathe, because actually, all is well.

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