8 Things You’re Wasting Your Time Feeling Guilty About

I notice trends in my life, things I do that I sort of try to cover up, but not very well (or, actually sometimes openly joke about – ahem, point 1). They’re little things, but I find myself wondering if I should feel a bit guilty about these habits that I’m developing and doing little to squash. Then I think, no, they’re my guilty pleasures, so instead, I’m going to own them. Here we go, confessions of a 28-year-old British female who doesn’t feel like feeling shameful…

Having a glass of wine EVERY night.

I mean, sometimes it’s a G&T but either way, it helps me to unwind, and I enjoy it. It’s only one most days, two or three at the weekend, I can stop it, I just don’t want to.

Saying no to social events.

I should say yes a bit more than I do, but if there is a reason I don’t feel like doing something, I’m generally not afraid to say no, I just please myself (a.k.a. go home to my wine and Netflix). Which brings me to…

Binge watching crappy shows on Netflix.

Sometimes I just want to turn my brain off and zone out the world watching Piper and Alex in OITNB. I don’t even care too much if the show is good, as long as it holds my interest enough to keep my mind from wandering to other ‘real life’ things like work and when I’m going to do laundry or buy groceries, I’m happy.

Spending time editing my photos and prepping throwbacks for Instagram.

I like updating my Instagram, I like getting likes, I like getting new followers, I know it’s not that important, and it isn’t going to change my life. BUT it doesn’t mean I can’t put some time into making sure the lighting is just how I want it in that shot of Victoria Falls from four years ago.

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Daydreaming about quitting adulthood and moving to a deserted island, or buying a van and driving across Africa.

Random and contrasting yes, but these are the two fantasy lives that I live out in my head regularly and contemplate actively their implementation. I’d quite like to give up real adult life if I could, I don’t even care that much about my career anymore, and I’m not sure if that makes me a bad person, but I don’t care about that either!


Spending the whole weekend in work-out gear and not entering the gym once.

I mean, sometimes I go to the gym. But lately, I’ve been pretty lax. I do however like to get up on Saturday and haul myself into some leggings and a sports bra and remain that way until Monday morning rolls around. I most definitely go to the store in the work-out gear and I have even been known to go for coffee dressed like this. I dress like an adult all week, why do I need to do it at the weekend too? And do I feel bad about not making an effort? Never.

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My idea of the perfect Friday is getting a fancy supermarket pizza, a pot of potato salad, some snacks, chocolate and wine and staying home, alone.

I just enjoy a bit of solitude on a Friday after spending all week surrounded by colleagues. I also enjoy pizza, and dipping the crusts in potato salad, AND obviously want my glass of Sauvignon on the side. It’s the perfect night. I much prefer it to going out. I think I am internally 80 years old.

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My biggest issue with my rental agreement is that I cannot have a cat.

And yes I do sometimes contemplate turning into a crazy cat lady in my old age (more and more likely by the day) and it doesn’t even scare me a little bit. I like cats, they can come to the pizza parties, but they can’t have any of my pizza.

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Spending around 50% of my free thinking time planning vacations or travel.

I love to travel, I lived abroad for five years and only returned home 7 months ago. I miss my crazy Asian/African/Mexican lifestyles so much. Therefore, I plan my vacation days meticulously. It’s all about spacing the time off work creatively so that you never need to spend more than a few weeks in the office without a break, and you can save enough in the gaps to cover the cost of the next trip. It defines much of my budget, and I currently have four trips booked before the end of 2017. It’s an addiction, but a healthy one.

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Maybe I am a little bit crazy, but actually, I think everyone has their quirks. It may be dogs, or that your ideal Friday night is hitting a treadmill. You might choose to hang out with your girlfriends over your SO, or need to eat guacamole every Sunday. My point is that it is totally okay to do what makes you happy, comfortable, and feel at home. You do not need to feel bad about doing things that others might not agree with. Just live life and enjoy the ride.

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